How well does this mode run on an i3, integrated graphics?

Windows 10
i3-6100U @ 2.30 GHz
integrated graphics card

I’m on travel. A friend I’m staying with said I’m welcome to use his PC to play games. I probably won’t have time, but I’m wondering even if I turn everything down in terms of graphics, audio, and other performance, still seems like a stretch, no?

Well, supposedly the minimum specs is an Intel HD Graphics 3000, so it does support integrated cards. But that’s also the old version of the engine, so I’d say it’s a toss up.

Probably won’t be able to run it. My old 9 year old laptop with an older i7-2.7 GHz, 8GB RAM and an old 4GB VRAM NVIDIA card (sorry can’t remember the exact model) is straining against sc2 coop. It would probably run sc1 and Red Alert 2 just fine though.

I’ve run it on a laptop with Windows 7 and a slighty lower spec CPU. Turn everything down and apply some of the tips from various performance tweaks threads.

Possibly even add another local Windows user so you can use that account to have a lot less running in the background.

Probably a bit old, but i think Sc2 is more single core expensive. I think i had a 8 gb computer and sc2 ran fine but could lag sometimes on the menus and on stukov and stetlag until i upgraded 8 gb to 16 gb for 24$.

The game went much faster and most game’s fps dramatically increased to the point i was actually getting motion sick wanting to barf from 40 to 90 fps haha. XD.

As far as Sc2 goes, i think you should be fine but you might need to lower the settings if you get a stukov or deliberately lag comp triggering stetman comp. Some comps are fine, others are hit and miss with lag. ( i think on 16 gb i haven’t had as much problems with stettman outside of 200 zerglings stelelites), while p3 stukov went from a bit chunky to smooth on 8 gb to 16 gb.

Overall, i think you should be fine outside of maybe stukov and stetlag. You should be able to play fine, but you might need to lower your settings.

Forgot to add that I was running the game on high settings with my old lappy. If you’re fine running low settings and making SC2 look like a cheap WC3 knock-off then by all means.

Ehh, if my ally is a stettman or p3 stukov that might have minor chunky points, id rather know i have more guarentined smooth fps for commanders who have more abilities to use than f2a walking into a base.

Some commanders that people term as hard for having lots of failing build orders that generally have minimal micro or macro ability can f2a move fine.

Other ability based commanders can benefit greatly from constant smooth fps and if im fighting like a 30 reaver army where a small 1 second lagspike could affect a army.

I dont want to go “lalalala look at the pretty 2 stetman fps!” XD

Sounds very much like you were in single-channel mode. It’s a common, but stupid thing that many manufacturers do.