How to make my own Resource Mod?

I was wondering if anyone can help me in understanding how to make my own mod.
I’m wanting to start my own Team League sometime this year and want to use the maps from WoL, HoTS and LoTV but because of the resource screw up by blizzard I really don’t want to use the WoL/HoTS maps because it would not look good.

The mod I wish to make is a resource mod that pretty much puts the mineral/ gas geysers back at WoL/HoTS levels but still allows the 12 worker start and would allow me to use the WoL/HoTS maps with out issue.

If anyone can show me how to do this I would greatly apricate the support.

p.s: I tried looking on Youtube but the vods seem to be outdated just incase anyone was going to suggest it.

It be long to show, although, I highly suggest to join the sc2 mapster community. Find their discord channel: You will get a lof of help to get your ideas running.

thanks. I may look into that.