How to make mouse speed & acceleration match desktop?

It seems since the last time I played (many years ago) they’ve removed the ability to have the mouse courser speed & acceleration match the behaviour on the desktop!?

If I disable Mouse Speed it feels slightly slower/less accelerated than on the desktop, at least when the game is set to “Fullscreen” mode.


You can tell the game to utilize Operating System default mouse setting by opening the game, goto menu ->Options → Mouse and Keyboard → Uncheck Enable Mouse Sensitivity. If you use the Mouse Scroll but also want to disable any adjustments, you can uncheck: Enable Mouse Scroll as well. Doing both should revert the mouse fully to Operating System defaults. If you still notice any changes you can toggle: Reduce Mouse Lag to see if that has any impact.

If you utilize a gaming mouse that has software installed, you would want to make adjustments in that software or see if it has a profile for the game that has custom adjustments then disable them.

Thank you.

Maybe that could be caused by the game resolution not matching the desktop resolution?

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