How to enable healing while moving?

This for Nikara, I tried with Validators (caster is moving) but I couldn’t make it work.
I mean for weapons, moving shot is possible through Turret.
But for abilities, it doesn’t seems possible

It’s definitely possible, I’ve done it before. Let me get back to you

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Hi, its me. Just want to ask is there a reference I can make use of “Casting while Moving” there was one website but it didn’t solve my problem.

Ok I honestly haven’t looked into it (sorry I’ve been busy in college) but from what I remember I didn’t end up using validators. I recall that there’s a flag on the ability itself called “suppress movement” though the one I did it with was a specialization type ability, not sure if that makes a difference on the flags

Oh god… I did everything you said and I even made a weapon and turret for Nikara so she can track her target like Cyclone but failed…
This is too difficult

Yea, models need to have turrets in order for turret actors to work for them. I doubt nikara has one of those.

More info here sc2mapster/forums/development/data/231480-question-about-weapons-and-turrets-solved

Add www and com with dots above.

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Darn, I thought it would work somehow if I implement them.