How to counter mass cyclones

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I’ve had a heard time dealing with mass cyclones. Opponent DPS and micro were much better than mine apparently. My Stalkers + Immortals couldn’t deal with the constant damage and movement.

I’d love some feedback on what I did wrong here: / replay / 12269426

Thanks !

Disruptors. Those things are crazy. Also I’ve had some succes with zealot flanking and forcefields.

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Just get mass chargelots - don’t get more than the gas you have (1-2) and just go for pure zealots and a few collossi (also good vs. widow mines if you have an observer or 2; you can right-click the observers onto the collossi) and voidrays (against liberators).
If you go for a ton of chargelots, you can also expand a lot as your economy doesn’t get slowed down by gas-heavy units.

The way to beat mass cyclones:

  1. harass and do economic damage…warp prisms and chargelots
  2. disruptors with some scattered immortals are good as cyclones clump

But really the way to win is to try and harass because mech is expensive as a strategy to pull off so keep killing gas miners.


IM tinking people forget cyclones hellions are against harras, their mobility is the opposite of mech… so they should in theory allways catch your harrasses not dealing damage as opposed to slow mech…

same witch disruptors…

those are great vs mech (tank thor widow mine bats) and of course ppl use them vs bio but more as a support.
And they are also extremly deadly vs cyclones/hellions.

However in general its the same as with harras, cyclone hellion are from design and theory really good vs that… they are fast (as opposed to tank/thor,widow mine-because of their burrowed state- bats
So Disruptors : they stop the enemy from a-moving you and stutter stepping stuff like that. Cyclones are really different though, they can kite without stopping, and they are consistently fast able to avoid them disruptor shots if they are careful.

That being said disruptors can always be very deadly in skillful hands I’d say. The TO is asking for more simple help though I suggest.

In general I found the usual anti mech army really good vs that (immortal, archon, some zealot, and perhaps blinkstalker to reinforce if they get some air) and of course you can mix personal stuff in.
Yes Cyclone Hellion can kite you… but how long? If you attack there is not much to kite, while immortal (among the other stuff) bulldozers over the buildings and of course you should fight when they come near.
Disruptors are verry useful as support still, if you have time for their micro: They can clean widow mines before you attack, damage tanks or just support a bit vs cyclone hellion kiting. and Observers always help, too (just don’t blindly a-move those).
People forget the cyclone army takes alot of infrastructure and cost… hence you can get a hefty army, too. And because of that I don’t watch such armies in terran in tournaments.

Mech in general is extremly expensive - of course they are getting some strength from that cost.

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You are complete noob if you have a problem with that strat.

Harass attack and attack in multiple places at once.

Take as many bases as you can.

Keep trading again and again so he can’t mass cyclones.

And you will win.

Mass cyclones is a big commitment from terran. With constant scout its easily noticable. And since you notice you gotta be aggresive and constantly be harrasing/pushing to minimize lock on kiting potential.

You can also watch Vibelol’s Protoss series.
He plays tempest/disruptor vs. mech and it’s pretty easy and effective.
(d3 or d2 and higher)

Thank you very much. For a D3 player can start here

Otherwise it appears the first comment tells you what is in the video so you can choose what you want to see and this is true for all levels of play in his video series/playlist.

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Blink stalkers trade well vs hellion cyclone, you will always lose a bunch of stalkers but the ability to blink after the low hp cyclones will ensure the trade works in your favor. If you get the opportunity, blink ahead of them and cut them off. If the opponent remains committed to the style, adding a few collosus with thermal lance will make it a hard counter. Vision is very important to ensure their army always has to fight yours, if they catch exposed bases they can kill them quickly and run away.

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Better 10 dizruptors a few senry forcefield 1 shot 3 cyclone at once

try creating hallucinated zealots. or probes, so it locks on to them.

Oh cmon made 6 disruptor can shot for eternity

Blink stalkers, Phoenix , Chargelots sentries,Disruptors, colossus sentries

Any of these in combo or not could beat them

You could have a disruptor running in and doing jack nothing and dying or have a disruptor shot down a ramp and smoke everything.

You could have blink stalkers and sentries running around being little useless idiots and getting kited or have them blink and forcefield to trap and destroy armies.

Its really upto you,
Its not about what you need to build to beat them but how you use what you have in order to beat them. Everyone in starcraft should already know the counters.

just go carriers. it counters everything

Just an idea as I don’t main protoss, try using DTs if you opponent isn’t using detection, the DPS is quite high and with DT blink its op.