How to change COMPLETE SAGA to Wings of Liberty?

Hi all,

I want to earn an achievment avaliable in Wings of Liberty campaign called “professionals have standarts”. But my game is in Legacy of the Void version, how to change this? It is possible?

Currently WoL and HotS ladder are unavailable (what I believe is a good thing).

I have completed “Professionals have standards” (20 ghost snipe kills), and “Infested Terror” (kill 30 units with infested terrans) in 2020, so it is certainly possible.

To do so, go to:
Custom ----> Melee ----> Above maps change gamemode to either Wings of Liberty or Heart of the Swarm ----> Host a map ----> find a person who is happy to help you complete achievement instead of crushing you - adding lobby description may be helpful.

Note: I have no idea if regular LotV ghosts can complete the achievement, but going back to HotS is always a possibility.

Unfortanly did not work! I did exactly what u say, choosen Wings of Liberty gamemod, but the achievment do not count!