How to beat Host mission with Vorazun, Fenix and Alarak

Vorazun, Fenix and Alarak’s reinforcements are welcomed but admittedly USELESS but the good thing is… THEY STACK.

So I managed to stack them as much as I could “1 hour and 40 minutes”-ish and they grew into a huge army.

It is pretty cool but the problem is that it takes buttload of time hahaha


Weird, but cool.

I honestly miss useful friendly AI.

The Shifters custom campaign for SC1 is the only campaign I remember that had actual useful allies.

I will repeat myself - Starcraft campaign(s) having missions with multiple factions like in AoE 2 would be really freaking great.


SC1 Vanilla’s final mission is like that, and the bonus campaign that shipped with Allen Schezzar in Broodwar is like that, you can control a Terran base and a Protoss base simultaneously and make 400 supply of tanks and Carriers, but the mission is not really that hard after all, but you have to stop a Torrasque ultralisk and kill a cerebrate to stop it from respawning on you.

If you want to make this mission more challenging, open it i nthe Editor and replace the A.I. scripts with the Insane AI.

Blizzard did do this some in Warcraft 3 as well, where you control Illidan’s Naga and Stormrage’s Night Elves simultaneously.

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Love this map and mission. So many ways to play it. Scythe of Amon is based off this one.

Yas the Enslavers campaign is fun as hell. The only thing that is missing is voice acting for all the unique character units they give you to use.

Didn’t know you could do that, will have to try to open it that way. Warcraft 3 has a custom campaign with Illidan? Going to have to play that sometime.