How normal is to find flamers on teams?

I reciently back to SC2 to play some than other 1vs1 match I realize the game become more toxic than before, is like… Only the flamers and trolls remain on the game, making impossible to play without a premade.



your pictures dont owrk

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You need to add “ht tps://cdn.discordapp .com/” on the start, (removing the spaces) since blizzard forum don’t let you put one even with the option of add an Hyperlink. (No sense).

Its gotten so bad that many people just consider it apart of SC2 culture. Yes its unfortunately normal since this game has been shelved and the development team there once was isn’t concerned about fixing problems like this anymore.

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Such chat looks like comedy not offensive

Maybe, but he leave the game so I think he was mad. (Or are like those dudes who enjoys this kind of things, I don’t know.)

Imgur requires phone number.

Whatever, I just gonna resume for you:
“GTFO” Blah blah blah blah, “You are a f*cking Mexican.” etc.

I just ask this because, well, he leave and is like now is full of trolls on team mode, something infrequent than now.

Honestly i think guys like this are funny. I get the guys who play absolutely terrible and do really dumb stuff and as soon as you call them out on there bs, its " GO K YOURSELF" “im gonna K you and your family” " blablabla " you get the drift. And they always think they are the greatest sc2 players, mean while they built like 20 units and got 3 kills in a 20 min match. Honestly, the best thing to do with guys like this is just keep trolling them and have fun with it for the entertainment. Too bad pig doesnt do team replays, he would love the salt that comes from these games. The best part about these encounters, is 75% of these guys always want to 1v1 after this. I had a guy the other day do this and when i finally gave and and gave him the 1v1 he didnt even know how to make the match, took him like five min to figure it out and he keeps on telling me im the one waisnt time even tho im waiting on him, then i schooled him and i got every excuse as to why he lost including using a laptop and it having a bad keyboard, then he proceeds to try to 1v1 me a second time. Its like dude i just beat you and the only thing i got out of it was the amusement, im not waisting more time on you, especially when i dont even like playing 1v1. Like these guys are some of the funniest people ever.

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The flamer is a weapon from the fallout series, as such you will likely not find it in sc2 team games.

Whenever I play 1vs1 I never see toxicity these days. Worst I’ll get is just a quit without GG.

Maybe at my MMR bracket it’s just a better experience. The higher up you get generally the less toxic people are because they’re focused on improving and having fun instead of baby raging all over some person who played better.

I mean I literally see more toxicity in co-op which is super weird.

Countless games have flamer weapons in them. Fyi. The link is still not working for me.

1vs1 is quite relaxing, nobody says nothing at all. (Specially when you have more chances to be looked like a bad loser)

CO-OP mode is kinda easy to get tilted, I’m talking about 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4.

Some above post as if SC2 community is the worst. It is not! As said above about when they say things/not

Go to a MOBA. Dota 2 / LoL or heroes of the storm then think again

co-op usually refers to the co-op mode but yeah team games are a different beast.

My theory is that with team games it’s largely a Blizzard problem, their non 1vs1 match making systems are janky, broken garbage and it’s like that for pretty much every Blizzard game. They objectively suck at team match making and have torpedoes many a IP with their garbo lol.