How many system adminstrator messages

Have you managed to stack up>? Meta thread

I once was up to 13, I think, but now I’m only at six. Does anyone have a record that they can prove? Batz? Euro? How many did OldWho have before he got banned?
Has CryForce ever been banned? Cryphoon probably has at least one under his belt.

Whats the craziest cheese you’ve ever lost to? Whats the best you’ve ever defended?

I once beat zvp as cannon rush into void ray by making ravagers, macroing, and walking across map and killing the P. That was a good feeling, since I don’t think I had ever even used ravagers before that.
Worst thing I died to was a mass carrier, but I don’t even know that I could call it a rush. It was on that map where you spawn sort of close together in the upper right, but the slow zones separate you. I’d never played it, and P massed cannons, I had poor macro, and then I died to an unreasonable amount of carriers. Feels bad.

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I’ve had more than one total. As for how many stack up at a time, well, one at the most. I have one sitting in my recent list of notifications right now. If you count the number of system messages the forum clown has on all his personalities combined, I’m sure it hits close to 50.

Had alot. But I don’t like to keep seeing the green number in the top right, so I eventually click on them. And to see which ones the whiners flagged on me.

idk man I don’t consider it worth tracking. I just stopped directly insulting people’s intelligence and stopped racking them up

But why would YOU do it in the first place?

Also, why did you like your own posts from your main account?

Lastly, ill have you know that so far in team liquid star league the stats are the following:
ZVP: 28 17 11 60.7%
TVP: 14 6 8 42.9%

Shows protoss is underpowered, heh?

This is the only SC2 account I have and I have never gotten in trouble for anything in SC2, but I have many times in some other games.

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Because I’m right.

And Protoss IS OP.

44% of GM, 33% of playerbase. You never have an answer for that.

I actually did. I explained it afterwards. Not directly to you but i stated that this argument is nonsense because protoss gm domination started in late 2018, meaning before the most imbalanced state of sc2 happend with 2019 zerg buffs.

Funny enough that at first you said everything is fine and balanced but then even you agreed that zerg was completly broken :smiley: Broken midgame broken lategame. Everything was so dumb. But still protoss had lead in gm percantage by far.

You cant determine balance by just 1 or 2 metrics (especially NOT if 1 metric is stating 10 matches in a tournament). Even whinemarine agrees that protoss might be stupid for midgm but something in the design is so flawed for protoss that they dont have a chance at the top.

if i understood serral correctly he yesterday said balance is ok (after he easily destroyed zoun who brought down dark and rogue in fair macro games) and lambo says balance is pretty even (citing aligulac win rates) but the design is not that well. but thats exactly what i say. zerg ground is stronger than protoss ground but protoss air in midgame is lame but easily breakable but lategame is really lame and hard to deal with.

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That’s not a response, it’s a series of Strawmen arguments. 44% of GM means a race is OP. Period. That’s it.

But hey, going on a tangent of “But Zerg WAS OP” really shows the protoss mind, or lack thereof, at work.

So protoss was op in 2019?

I think literally everyone disagrees and no one in the right mind would say that gm percantage matters if you want to determine if the game is balanced at the very top.

Strawman argument again. It’s 2021. Protoss has 44% of GM. Protoss is OP right now. According to you no tournament statistics are valid, Aligulac is wrong, and GM rep doesn’t count. You’re like a 6 year old trying to argue by randomly claiming everything that disagrees with you is invalid XD Oh, wait, yeah, you play protoss. Checks out.

Can you link me a source from blizzard or from a discussion with top pro players who say: the game is imbalanced because protoss has 44% of gm? because last statement of pros and blizzard was that zvp ground is pretty zerg favored…and void ray partially fixed this.

Who decides if the game is balanced? You? By stating 44% is somehow significant? Why it should be?
You cant prove your point how gm percantage affects balance at all. And thats pretty funny.

Pretty funny how you ignore if zerg was or wasnt op in 2019 :smiley: They were op. And didnt have over 40% of gm so why should protoss be op just because they have over 40%?

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44% on it’s own isn’t. But that Protoss only counts for 33% of the playerbase does make it relevant. If they were balanced they would have ~33%. That’s how population distribution works.

Also relying on claims from pro players is an appeal to authority fallacy.

But yeah, not gonna waste more time arguing with a chicken that kicks all the statistics off the board, craps on it, and pretends it won, subject muted.

Thats not how any of this works mate. But yeah…you use 10 matches to determine balance. Checks out.

Why should the gm percantage be even if the game is balanced for the top top players? Balance isnt really a matter for low gm thats why the 2019 patches have only a small effect. Same with void ray buff. The gm percantages went up just a little bit. True. But thats it. They already were pretty high. Why should a bo1 scenario (ladder) determine if the game is balanced or not? And btw blizzard actually says that they want to balance it for the top :smiley: so i dont know why anywould would argue with gm percantages. Blizzard obviously doesnt care. No matter if its right or wrong.

are you batzy now? I noticed that you are throwing around fallacies like they really mean anything. while you insult people personally. you backed up nothing. you only say 44% IMBA REEEEEE. Thats pretty sad. you dismiss the game knowledge of basically any pro and blizzard just because you dont like the 44%. And now you block me because you cant handle the truth. classic batzy attitude :smiley:

Meanwhile tournaments are looking better than ever.

Uses 10 matches as a statistic. Gets questioned for it and cries :smiley:

Btw i always have said that aligulac is the best we have. And aligulac shows its actually balanced (exactly what lambo said). Funny, because now zvp is rather at 50% while before the patch it was above 50%.
I never said i dont care about tournament statistics but lets be honest here… 10 matches dont mean anything. If OVERALL the tournament winrates were super protoss sided and protoss suddenly floods ro8 of tournaments and wins the big ones then yeah, i would say protoss is op. But right now we dont see that.