How many more elite terrans will GSL ro4 get today?

How many more elite terrans will GSL ro4 get today?


told yall. ashame godking maru couldnt come through for the 2011 style tvtvtvt

Yea, PatchTerran Maru stepped on a banana peel (Parting) and fell over

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Wins 4 GSL’s in a row.

PatchTerran. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:




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PatchTerran Maru is taking coaching lessons from his team-mate sOs on ways to outfox Parting.
sOs tried hard to teach him some tricks but there is nothing to do with PatchTerrans.

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look guys, Byun is the patch terran and you still worship his feet… maru has won significantly more…

The worst thing about maru besides his annoying face, is his horde of stupid brainless fans, willing to immolate themselves at the mere thought that their nerd God could not win sometimes.


I’m a big fan of Maru and Serral but I do dislike Maru and Serral fanboys especially when they lose and start balance whining because oh their god lost. Wow.

I don’t watch it lately it’s depressing again last 2 years was oh will it be zerg or zerg again now roles switched now it’s will it be terran or terran again like i said terran is new zerg

the games aren’t bad bt we r back to gomtvt

At least this time we can watch it in good video quality.