How large is the dominion military in numbers

we all know dominion is the largest and strongest terran faction in koprulu we hear about billions of deaths in zergs invasion in WOL we see kerrigan assult multiple planets/bases in HOTS with evolution missions and in lotv we see them change their color to blue/teal from red and gets as s kicked by a mobius corp who cant nearly have the numbers to invade a multi billion planet with quite a large defense force with a ragtag egghead corp with no military background even doe the dominion is weak after HOTS i cant understande the scale of battles in sc2 in sc1 u knew the scale was bigger as they told us more about battles around the planetand not only in 1 place in korhal but what i dont rly understand and cant find in the internet or in lore is how large is the dominion armed forces how many marines do they have in their command in the thousands? millions? no numbers at all i mean we hear billions but like 99% could be civilians we never see a large scale battle in cinematics at all other than hots trailer with like few tanks and maybe 50 marines vs endless swarm if ur a empire with multi worlds and with billions of ppl to protect and guard duty and stuff from all kind of colonies and outposts i just wonder how many marines and total armed forces numbers are as the wiki dont tell us shi t

The main dominion fleet at beginning of HotS is a bit over 30 battlecruisers, if Arcturus was able to repair the ones disabled over Char during Flashpoint.

The reason you don’t hear about any battles taking place outside of the main campaign is because there are none. The Dominion doesn’t have the forces to contest Kerrigan’s advance, nor does Mengsk particularly have the desire to until she closes in on the core worlds. You will note, for example, that she was able to invade Tyrador completely uncontested, and that system is practically within spitting distance of Korhal, relatively speaking.

30 battlecruisers has to be a joke.

very few for a multi bliion world empire i rly want to know how large the marine corps is blizz never tell

Gosh, its like the Dominion’s strength is mostly an illusion crafted by Mengsk to keep his citizens in line, and it actually really is exactly as weak as you think it should be.


If he’s as weak as I think he should be, he shouldn’t have a whole bunch of planets under his control some of which are entire city-planets dedicated to military production. But since he does, then he should have more than 30 battlecruisers.

The problem is that you can count more than 25 in the All-In cinematic for Valerian’s half on one frame which alone contradicts the total of 50 number given in the dark templar saga.

Don’t act like the numbers for this make any sense.

Gosh, a writer didn’t consult a very specific rendering of the end cinematic (which, for the record, I still haven’t been able to duplicate in game) before writing her book. Better sound the alarm!

This is definitely a case of you imagining things that aren’t there and then getting upset that this doesn’t match the canon.

@Ottomanslap Correct, Blizzard Entertainment has never actually stated how large the Dominion Marine Corps is. The number of Terrans and size of the Koprulu population actually doesn’t properly add up based on how long they’ve been there, and Blizzard Entertainment thus stated in a past Q&A that things like cloning and frozen embryos and such were used to boost their numbers.

@Kelthar is correct that Artcurus Mengsk has (successfully) exaggerated the size and strength of his military, however @Gradius is also correct that the numbers don’t add up.

To be fair, in LotV, the Dominion was significantly crippled by Raynor’s raids in WoL (particularly from the Rebellion missions) and Kerrigan’s assault in HotS (which resulted in grand losses in Mengsk’s elite guard, like Alpha Squadron, Skyfury Squadron, and the Odin), but that Moebius Corp was supplemented by Hybrids, monsters that even Terran heavies like Thors would struggle against, not to mention Moebius Corp is not inhibited by ethics, morals, or self-preservation.

ok new question how large in nubmers do u think the dominion forces are not just navy marines tanks walkers n stuff

I think that will always be left ambiguous due to the nature of RTS gameplay, since you’re constantly training/building units that have very short life spans.

Also, as soon as Artanis cornered them, they got utterly crushed by a novice commander while utterly failing to deal any significant damage to the Spear of Adun even in spite of their surprise attack disabling the shields.

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To be fair the nature of the game prevent any specific number to be viable. You can’t have it too small otherwise the Dominion should just lose the war. But if they’re too large, then you won’t get the desperate feel that the Terran supposed to embody in this war.

And so we have a perpetual cringing on by the nail where the Terran is really good at replenishing their military prowess up to a point after which they couldn’t exceed.

As Gradius typed, the number and everything doesn’t make sense, but this is one of the few issue that we just have to ignore.

Also, the billion of world is too large a number a few thousand is more likely.


Theories as to how big the Dominion’s army is doesn’t matter anymore. Any consistency was thrown out the door the moment the Dominion went from being in complete ruins at the end of Brood War, to suddenly having a massive empire with a Korhal planet-wide megapolis at its core. No matter how much they get beat up, they will always magically have more reserves.


A ship much larger than most Terran ships with repair beams, powerful cannons/laser lances, and hundreds of thousands of warriors, robotic units and starships.

It was more of a desperate defense to keep the hybrid facilities safe than actual destruction.

i mean in the whole dominion space and worlds all the countless outposts bases colonies there have to be atleast few million marines in the armed forces as marines are the basic unit in terran armies in the sector we know the zerg are in the 30+ billion atleast as tarsonis has like 5 billion zerg left from sc1 and aiur has like same number there to and these are only feral i bet the main swarm being in the 10+ billions and i can understand that few million marines in several worlds defending against billions dont stand a chance but lets say they are fewer than million dont make sense as the dominion is so large and huge human population and many worlds they need to have a large marine force right? if u could guess in theori how large would the dominion armed forces be? i bet there are/have to be few million marines at service

Paragraphs are your friends.

Anyway, we have absolutely no way to make this guess. Are we counting planetary militias? Mercenary groups? Just official Dominion Marine Corps marines? And how big a garrison does each planet get? We just don’t know.


Here’s my guess for how many there are:
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I thought the Umojan Protectorate were the most advanced and powerful of the 3 Terrans. I mean, the swarm didn’t even touch them. The Dominion on the other hand, lost so much during HotS and their numbers at LotV shouldn’t be as high, especially after into the Void.

EDIT: But really though, I’m a bit perplexed why Kerrigan was having such a hard time invading Dominion Space. They weren’t that powerful anymore, especially after the Confederacy, the UED, etc etc. Like, can’t she just outright outnumber them with sheer relentless swarm? Sieging with Broodlords and Swarm Hosts and using her many Leviathans to just bombard the planet with Zerg spores?

She certainly could, but then she want to have some small resemblance of ‘good’ so that she could brag about it… To Raynor. Don’t forget that it was to Raynor.

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