How do you tweak already existing Attack Wave

I am touching upon Maguro Map and trying to tweak the attack wave (Protoss/Zerg/Terran) but I don’t how to do it.

Trigger and AI options did not contain the data for attack wave.

Can someone help?

Currently looking at it (I don’t know if I will go all the way), but so far, I see in the mod (rather than one specific map):

[MM] Dark Mirror

Create Coop Attack Force at Location and Wait for them to spawn _ TEMPLATE

On first glance it may appear to be custom mutator specific, but due to the comment "------- DARK MIRROR CHANGE END", maybe what come next is the code for a normal attack wave?

That’s in triggers of the “mod”, not a specific map.

edit: actually, there are plenty of things in the mod file, so if none of them worked for you, I probably can’t think of anything else.

Thanks for the new mate.

I read the “Horner’s missing Stronger Death Chance Mastery”, You are right the upgrades are not connected to the requirement, requirement nodes and such.

I tried to fix it, but I fear it is much more complicated. Apparently it has something to do with Node tooltip located on Requirement node, it must be connected to “upgrade” to apply the upgrade. But no matter how I tried to connect it it just doesn’t happen.
Even if I duplicate the similar mastery, the Node tooltip just doesn’t connect each other.
Maybe it has to do something with code that registers Node tooltip which I cannot manipulate (saved for the devs).
In conclusion, I can modify already existing Mastery upgrades but creating a new one and connecting them altogether is impossible for me.