How do you stop Lib, Tank, rine, early push?

This feels almost impossible to hold. If terran shows up at your natural with liberator/tank/rine.

Tanks blow the crap out of my stalkers, lib/rine hits my slow zelts, and I can’t get on top of the tanks before they die. I can’t get stalks to kill lib before tanks/rine kills them. Even with overcharge this feels hard to hold.

Any ideas? Starts?

First, you should always know when they move out. That is what your harassing and observer is for.

Try to prevent tanks for sieging in range of your base (or expo) In this case, it means being active with your stalkers and engaging just to force them to siege from afar. This will delay the timing of the push.

Stalkers are not the only way of dealing with tanks. Immos make quick work of tanks too.

Zealots aren’t exactly supposed to get on top of tanks at this stage. They are intended to soak up the damage for you (while dealing decent damage to the bio in front). By this time, you should have one of the 3 Twilight Council upgrades:

  1. Glaives - then you should’ve done sufficient harass with adepts
  2. Charge - no more slow zealots
  3. Blink - your key to taking out tanks then retreating asap

This will enable you to handle the push on more even grounds.

A few other options will include:

  • Try to have a small group of zealots come from the back. Tank bio pushes are weaker when surrounded.
  • Use sentries for guardian shield + carving out a portion of the bio and pushing them nearer to your zealots.
  • Consider using prism drop play for early harass, or delaying the push out, or sniping tanks.
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Thanks. I’ve been trained in the Vibe’s B2GM style, and doesn’t get a Twilight until after you take a 3rd. Should this be changed for PvT?

Sorry, I usually learn my strats from pro league replays, so I haven’t heard of this person before.

If you know the T is going to push out on 2 bases, then I wouldn’t recommend you to be taking a 3rd because that is additional money that needs to be channeled to unit making. From what I recall, most top tier players tend to poke their enemy when they take another expo. This way you know where the army is and you wouldn’t exactly be afraid of a full army hitting one of your expos (usually).

Most match ups that I see usually get a Twilight Council on 2 bases. Blink micro will definitely give you alot of flexibility (especially with the battery overcharge nowadays). And prism micro is pretty much as good as it gets in terms of harassment. Though the easiest would be chargelots and just attempt to do a surround from 2 sides since it isn’t as micro intensive.

Lastly, if you are going 3 bases, then it will come down to what was your follow up tech after early game. Is it 1-2 oracle harass? Is it adept harass? Or stalker harass? And also how effective was your harass. Each one of these will delay the T to a certain degree allowing you to get your Twilight Council upgrade when they reach your base. Having 2 adepts parked nearby to shade in will make a world of difference because they need around 5-6 rines to take them out.

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I don’t think Vibe has dealt with tank timings when he was doing B2GM and most opponents he played against were pretty passive, IIRC. Harstem has done a pretty detailed version of how to hold it on his youtube channel

ht tps://

With that said, opening Robo is fine, but do note that Vibe plays a very greedy macro style because he has the game knowledge and control to hold all-ins and timings where as you might not, so if you want to keep playing B2GM style at your current league, you will need to scout for those all-ins and timings.

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Thanks, I will def check that out.