How do you feel about the idea of PvP talents?

However instead of 3 overarching talents that lock in when you play the game, you have upgrades for many units that comes with buffs and debuffs. And all of these aren’t locked behind a grind. For example:

  1. An upgrade which makes medivacs heal robotic units instead.
  2. An upgrade which allows zerglings to use the raptor strain, but cannot use speed.
  3. An upgrade which allows carriers to produce healing drones, but carriers aren’t allowed as many interceptors out.
  4. An upgrade which allows nydus worms to finish twice as fast, but nydus worms become a one way affair and units exiting have their health reduced by 50%.
  5. You can now have up to 3 mother ships on the field at once, but they lose their cloaking capability.

Stuff like this. The fundamental idea is that you get a bunch of upgrades you can pick and they buff some aspects of play while weakening others. You can also changed upgrades over time but the cost increases the more you do it.

I think it would randomize gameplay too much for competitive play, but it wouldn’t be a problem for custom games.

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How about ladder with coop commanders?

Common suggestion. Would be hard to balance. By the time all the balancing was done all the commanders would be drastically different to what is in Coop now.

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Why balance at all? Everybody plays random if get a bad commander then that’s bad luck. Think of yu gi oh monsters but the monsters are commanders. You get more points if you win a bad matchup.

Because it probably would not be fun getting wrecked by one specific strategy over and over. If one commander is op in some way but the one you play isn’t then you will dread playing against that commander every time. Being OP is only fun for the person playing the OP commander.

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I disagree. The ladder is monotonous ryt now. Spicing things up from time to time is how to enjoy a game this old.

Think about how people feel about cannon rushes, Dt all ins while you have your army elsewhere, ling rushes, early Bc rushes vs zerg, void ray sniping attacks. Most of these aren’t even necessarily OP, but often just feel cheap. You’d get a lot of that with coop commanders in pvp. Think cannon rushes suck now? Imagine how much worse it would be when Karax is warping in cannons at your mineral line and bursting it with spear of adun abilities. Or what about mass ling and bane floods before the 2 minute mark by Zagara. Or what about Raynor summoning at neigh unkillable Hypherion before you even have any AA out? Things would need some seriously solid balancing to work in pvp.

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