How do i get in touch directly with sc2 tech support?

I understand that sc2 is super popular, but there should be a way to get in touch with tech support and actually get a response with a solution within 24 hours, or even better have a 24 hour chat support. This would make the game even more popular than it already is.
I love this game but often start to hate it bc there are such easily fixable fundamental flaws like a few I’ve listed below.

  1. Even though Ive tried wired and wireless mice, my cursor often disappears temporarily during a game so i cant select the units i want.
  2. scvs do NOT listen to my commands
    Ex: I highlight 4 scvs to go repair a bunker. Sometimes i have to tell them multiple times before they go do it. Then only 3 of 4 will repair while the 4th dumbass scv slides back and forth as if it cant get to the bunker. I have to highlight said dumbass scv individually, move it away, then tell it to repair again, THEN it starts repairing. (same issue with mules.)
  3. Scvs should NOT ever get trapped behind a building they just built. Come on.
  4. if I select several scvs to build a series of buildings next to each other, an scv will pause and dart out of the way of another scv’s build. This is just dumb.
  5. When I tell units to STOP, HOLD position and NOT attack, they stay where they are BUT the attack anyway.
  6. I have a lot of very cool suggestions for mods that every sc2 player would love.
    ex: when a Terran building has been lifted, I should be able to destroy it by dropping it on ground units or make it collide with flying units.
    ex: Medivac should have upgrade feature that allows units to be hidden inside, as they currently are. Without this upgrade, the units should be hanging from it the way Thors are.
    ex: Marines and Ghosts should be able to be put in a prone position for a stronger attack that makes them harder to see but also weaker.

sounds more like you got a junk mouse more than anything. secondly your probably getting banned for the remark about the 4th. stop makes units stop all together. hold position makes them stop but attack anything that touchs it or comes in range if its ranged. 2 different things

yes they should get trapped behind buildings, if you place it wrong thats your fault ,

and lastly those suggestions all are bad. and there also is no development for this game whatso ever so you wont be getting any of these ideas made unless you find some map editor to make a custom game for you, or make it yourself.

To expand on what WKnight2 said,

Seeing that the mouse issues you are reporting are not pervasive in the player base, it’s unlikely that it’s a problem with the game. For example, I’ve never had problems like that in all the years I’ve been playing. Additionally, there haven’t been consistent reports of anything like that in the game’s history.

All the rest of your items are developmental suggestions, not technical support issues or flaws, therefore technical support would have nothing to do with them. That said, unfortunately SC2 had all development ended over three years ago. Meaning, outside of large impact, game breaking bugs, how it is now is how it is forever more.

As for support response times, lines are a fact of life. all support requests are queued and people have to wait for their turn in line. Times like when new products, expansions, beta, etc are released often cause an increase in support requests and thus an increase in response times.

banned for the remark on the 4th? what are you talking about?

getting trapped is NOT legit if I can pass right through other units, like probes.

when you reply to a list, its better to reply in list format.

these suggestions ar enot bad. you’re just closed-minded.

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