Hots and lotv dependencies missing

I am trying to create new extension mod, there are supposed to be 3 extension wol,hots,lotv, but there is only wol. Wtf ? Please help!

do they show up after you login through through the editor?

failed to login in to blizzard (AUTH_BGS_CLIENT_RESPONSE_ERROR) and don’t know why i have to login for this, never used to have to…

was this ever solved? I just tried the same thing to login and i got the same error message.

seems like a sign they are cutting support for the game systematically…

I have to deal with this on my Mac editor each and everytime I load up the editor. I tried everything I can think of to have it auto-login but its not working.

Windows Editor – Do not have this issue

manage published, select region, login

got it to work .

Correct. That “fix” has been identified already. The core issue is now Mac users have to do that EACH and EVERY time they open the editor up. It’s annoying. Windows do not have that issue for some reason

That doesn’t work for me LUL