Hotfixes – January 9, 2020

We’ve released a hotfix today to address bugs below.


  • Viper
    • Fixed an issue where Motherships couldn’t be targeted by the Viper’s Parasitic Bomb ability.
  • Oracle
    • Fixed an issue where an Oracle would immediately turn to face a nearby attacker before targeting the next unit.


  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t issue a “Build Reactor” or “Build Tech Lab” order at the edge of the map properly on Eternal Empire LE and Nightshade LE.

When can we get the options to use the old hot key placement on the command bar and when is misplaced buildings going to be red again and not blue?


Oh so THAT what was going on with the Oracles. Even I noticed that and I haven’t been playing a ton lately. Took your time fixing that one didn’t ya Blizz?


Took you long enough, is it because that’s protoss or is it because your team got cut by 50 since Activision Blizzard’s big scandal ?


What scandal?
And what was the bug? I don’t get it

Well they fired a lot of their people, and their CEO got raised by a huge amount.
The oracles were dumb and wouldn’t obey shift click attack commands while attacked.

Hotfix protoss economy, it is broken. 3 base protoss vs 2 base terran balanced… This match is most imbalanced match in the game…

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Take a third base then


Troll more. Even earliest third, you are behind. Fastest third you can get is when protoss third is already saturated. And if you take greedy third like at 4~ you gonna die… While tos can take 4:20 third and there is nothing you can do to punish it.

Protoss had to rush t3. I dont see terran doing that

Protoss has to actively scout. Terran can just scan.

Terran has mules

Protoss can’t be out of position because their army is slow.

Widow mine drops don’t require as much micro as they should since the payoff is so high

There are some stuff that protoss has that terran doesn’t but a fast third isn’t making PvT imbalanced

Protoss had to rush t3. I dont see terran doing that - what ?

Protoss can scout using hallucination, or obs. While reaper scout can be blocked and scan is lottery and doesn’t reveal anything half of the times…

Protoss can’t be out of position because their army is slow. Even heard of recall, or phoenix, or warpin ?

If you play correcly window mine drops don’t do anything, besides it can be scouted. It doesn’t do any dmg even in diamond a lot of times. Also because you can’t scout on some maps with reaper and scan always everything, window mine drop are lottery, if toss open phoniex it gets shutdown.

Your points make no sense. Terran always had to have third little bit faster, or latest at even timming, because terran units are worse and harder to micro. If protoss went for double forge, tech and 8 gates, he would be stuck on two bases in hots. But in lotv he gets it all at the same time and yet you can’t punish third, which you could do in hots…

Maybe you could finally fix bug, where unit group forward button, all of the sudden starts to switch buildings backwards. It is hard to switch addons like that…

Dead forums, i will say what ever i want, i will put sh1t on your head, because you deserve it…