Highest Viable Brutal+

For every commander, regular brutal is a walk in the park if you know what you’re doing. If you’re a good player, then brutal+ becomes a walk in the park with every commander. So that brings up the question of how high in brutal+ can you go without it being a waste of time? Personally, I’ve been queuing brutal+3 with a high win rate playing random mission + commander. The only time my teammate and I lose a brutal+3 is when we quit due to certain mutators that are too much of a hassle to deal with. Recently, we started queuing for brutal+4 and had a relatively okay time dealing with the mutators. We haven’t tried anything higher than brutal+4, so have any of you had repeated success in higher levels of brutal+? The following mutators are some we restart on:

  • Polarity (Not too bad, but prefer to be without it)
  • Fatal Attraction (Have come to play with it more, causes my teammate a headache though)
  • Micro Transactions (How dare you limit our micro)
  • Minesweeper
  • Slim Pickings
  • Vertigo (I’ve never personally gotten this mutator, but I assume we’d quit)
  • Void Rifts (Only without a commander that can deal with them)
  • Kill Bots (Only without a zerg commander, or one that can deal with them)
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With a good ally brutal+4 seems to be the difficulty where you can win most games, at b+5 you start getting things like rifts, propagators or black death with other synergystic mutators very frequently while in +4 they can appear but they will be with easy mutators (except when props come with speed freaks, but you can just quit that)

Yep. I think we had pretty good winrate with Ancalagon on B+4. Past that it gets tricky, and I would say it’s waste of time if you want just XP. But it can be a fun challenge to get a win on B+5 and B+6.

I wrote here how mutator points scale, what are the chances of seeing mutators on each difficulty, and more.

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Hey Maguro I have a question. How hard is it to change “mastery skill” value in Co-op?
For example, For Kerrigan Mastery 3.2 “Ability increase and Attack speed Increase” is it possible to include “increasing multiplication value” with it?
So, 30 point for 3.2 increase 30% of ability and attack speed
And, 30 point increase (Multiplicative) of other abilities like Carapace Absorbtion 30% > 39%
Maximum Carapace Value 200 > 260
Health Regeneration 10 > 13
Health Value +200 > +260
Ability efficiency. etc 20% > 26%

Would it be possible or Impossible due to conflicting value?
If it is possible how difficult is it?

I want to use Editor but it is “REALLY” Hard (Unlike SC and Warcraft 3).

It should be pretty easy.

In the editor open one of my maps, go to data/upgrades and mess with the mastery upgrade.

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WOW there are LOTS of Dependency Errors :frowning:

why does Kerrigan start up as Ghost Kerrigan instead of Primal Zerg Kerrigan

Hey how do you get replay from Test Documents? I ran through two gameplay as demonstration to show people but I can’t find them in the replay section.
Does Editor save replay? or it doesn’t at all?

Ive done my experimentation with your map and I must say I am more than satisfied! Thank you! I found what I was looking for!!

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Agreed, here’s my experience playing with a friend /w voice:
brutal +0/1 - easy to the point of being boring
brutal +2 - easy, but slightly more interesting
brutal +3 - medium, requires attention/communication but still relaxed.
brutal +4 - hard, but still win almost all games if we select our best commanders.
brutal +5/6 - stressful. Many are doable, but many are above our skill level.

We generally find +3 to be the most enjoyable level to play.

Do the enemy comps/waves get stronger in brutal + (and higher), or do the mutations just get more difficult?

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Just more mutators and more difficult ones. More info:

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That’s probably mistake number one. 4 levels of difficulty followed by 6 levels of mutators on the same difficulty (brutal). Massive missed opportunity.

It should have been Normal+, Hard+, Brutal+, Brutal+3, Brutal+5. And of course, simplify mutator occurrence for Normal+ to Brutal+. Could have made things more enjoyable for all the non-pro & non-git-gud folks who enjoy the challenge but aren’t masochists. Then you don’t get threads like Brutal is TO EASY and Brutal+ is too hard! with such varying opinions. And a Nightmare mode (without+) with better units and smarter AI would have been good too (not that I’d be willing to play it yet).

It should have been Normal+, Hard+, Brutal+, Brutal+3, Brutal+5.

And that’s what the Weekly Mutation kinda gives…coz you can play a +mode without being on Brutal. (If it weren’t for the fact that many weekly mutations themselves have a nuttily high Brutal+ level.)

I always play with my friends on Brutal 4+ and Brutal 2+, and most of the time, it only took 1 retry to switch the appropriate commanders to beat it.

For me, Brutal+4 is the limit that I am going to play. Tried Brutal++6 with a lot of retry and reroll and I feel it doesn’t worth the time and effort.

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