Help with proxy voids ray and shield battery

how do i beat this as terran? proxy void ray and batery shield. start out like a normal game. then i see his proxy i get killed with his voids back and fort to the battery shield. how do i beat this? any advice would be highly appreciated thanks.

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This will come in a few parts:

  1. You need to try your best to keep your Reaper alive for scouting. The key is to find out what is the P’s building after Cybercore. Is it Robo / Stargate / Twilight? This part is rather crucial. If you can’t see it, then you might want to check for proxies.
  2. You should already have a Factory up. What you want to get is a Cyclone or 2 asap. Cyclones outrange VRs and deal an insane amount of damage over time. 1+ Lock-On is more than sufficient to kill any VRs (plus they out DPS Shield Battery heals).
  3. You should avoid Marines because you likely don’t have Medivacs / Stim in order to make them efficient agains VRs. Even a Widow Mine will work wonders in zoning the VR out (since they don’t have a high enough acceleration to avoid if they over commit, and if they proxy Stargate, they won’t have detection).
  4. If you already have a Starport, Vikings work wonders as well (though to micro together with Cyclones might be a bit tough).

Unless you can reach the Shield Batteries, your only aim is to drain them dry with your DPS. Know that once you outlast the P and manage to clear the Shield Batteries and Pylons, you will be pretty far ahead.


ok that was very imformative thank you so much

The first thing is the scout with the scv . Proxy void requires 2 gas. Standard protoss opener is 1 gas. If you ever see double gas with your scv, you’re getting cheesed (proxy gate, proxy stargate, proxy robo). Put the 2nd cc in the high ground and get a bunker on the high ground and build turrets in key spots. If your scout is good sometimes you can send marines and etc to kill the pylon . The main base is often exposed and so even dealing with a single reaper can be hard for the toss.

The best weapon vs voids is the cyclone with mass repair. Marines have to be in very large numbers (one void can kill 4 marines) but are the best response if you can get there. Mines are ok but not great as the first response in my opinion because the damage can be healed and then the mine doesn’t do anything. Vikings are not bad. It mostly is a game of micro management…they will micro and repair and try to kill you factory tech lab. You will kite, mass repair and build turrets and bunkers. Neither strategy is an insta win and you just kinda have to play it out. But the key is again the scout.

Scv scout around 17 or 18. When you identify there is no natural and protoss has double gas you need to focus on your hold in a few key steps. This is actually a very easy hold for me now that figured it out.

Bunker over your factory is a must. You can stop marine production after 4 its a waste. You’ll actually need your barracks to make the reactor for the starport. It’s also okay to lose some scvs for repairing your depots initially to hold your ramp a little longer. If they get in with adepts early you’ll auto lose so… here you go

Bunker by ramp, Bunker over factory. Make 1 or 2 cyclones but the goal is to cut it there. You don’t need more. It’s a waste, also they die easily. The Bunker over the factory is to prevent protoss from camping your factory. If they camp on top of your factory you lose the game because they’ll kill the cyclone before you can kill the voidray.

Starport and reactor out your vikings like a mad lad. When you have spare gas makes tanks. Once just kind of buy your time until you have enough vikings to one shot through the shields of your opponents voids so you can do hull damage. As long as you don’t bleed out your vikings unnecessarily soon youll be able to one-shot voids. Also, if they went tempest follow up you can one-shot those boys too.

Now you’ll have viking tank. Depending on the gamestate you can either take your natural, or if you lost your natural CC during the hold then just all in.

GG dead protoss. Rejoice.

Void ray proxy is indeed highly frustrating & hard to deal with.

Your first line of defense is to try to prevent the VR production getting up. If you scout with your scv early and see two gas, one base, it is quite possibly a void ray proxy. Start looking for it immediately (there aren’t that many places for it), build marines immediately and try to kill the probe/pilon. A lot of the time you can deny the proxy before it gets up.

After it gets up it is very difficult to deal with and requires skillful micro. Basically you need cyclones with mag field accelerator, vikings, bunkered marines, and turrets. You need to repair your units and use hold position to avoid your units being dragged into their battery. Try to position your buildings as far from the battery as possible because the further the VRs stray from the battery the riskier it is for them. You basically need to hang on for long enough that you can start to one-shot VRs with mass viking, and get a tank or two onto their batteries with sufficient hold-position defense (turrets, vikings & cyclones).

If you can sustain two base vs. one that helps a lot.

A counter attack is also possible given they have little at home. One reaper skillfully microed could disrupt their income. Maru also flew some vikings over to their base and killed probs/the base. I haven’t tried that personally but that could be a good strat also. If you kill their economy via a counter attack they can’t keep building and you will eventually win.

Proxy reaper and have good micro, this will force the Protoss to focus on trying to get rid of your reaper and less time focusing on his Proxy build, this of course can also affect you too because it requires little to no micro on the Protoss’s end to kill off your reaper because you on the other hand should be macroing and preparing for the anal assault. But, if you don’t like proxy reaper then your best bet is to defend with bunkers, mines, cyclones, turrets, siege tanks until you can drop widow mines or use a liberator in their main.