Help for new Zerg player

I need help at dealing with everything. Now as Zerg i am at Silver 3. I lose every single match.I don’t know why. My MMR is on 2300. I feel really depressed. I tried to play some Terran but i lose a lot too. Maybe You can find a problem. My build order:
3 Drone
4 Hatchery
5 spawning pool
6 2 Queens, 2 eggs with zerglings
7 normally Roach warren (or counter for enemy units)
8 More hatcherys

I prefer ending game at early stage.

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Learn to read build orders and go to spawningtool (its a website) and find a build order that seems to suit your style. Preferably find one that isn’t matchup dependent, so that you could use the same build in every matchup. Go into a game vs easy AI and practice that build until it enters your subconscious. You don’t forget drones, you don’t forget overlords, and you have a clear plan of what you are supposed to do next. Once you have the muscle memory and automatic processes down, you will have more resources to spend and you will be constantly spending them. Bigger army > smaller army regardless of composition.

At that point you move on to ladder. Do that, and you will get to Plat 2 at least. Once in a while you’ll face a super weird all in that throws you off. Don’t change your entire build just to counter that one specific situation. Honestly, ignore it until you get to Plat 2 (its only 20 mmr and you’ll be winning the great majority of all your other games).

After you get to Plat 2, then you can start focusing on specific reactions to different situations. By then you will be able to better focus on improving there instead of needing to learn game mechanics also at the same time. Your game mechanics will already be developed to a decent extent.

Hope this helps, and have fun on your Starcraft journey!


He’s right, macro mechanics are critical up until plat, and even then they will still be mediocre at best.

Even as a progamer is macro the most important part. E.g. I’am able to win vs low/mid Master only with pure macro and attack move, but once the skill is even it doesn’t work anymore. But I beleave you wanted to say something more like this:
Around mid Plat you should add more to your gamestyle, like: micro, harrass, multi attacks, improved scouting, reading builds… Until then you should only focus on your macro. Just added this part so there is no confusion. :o)

Reading builds is simple. Every number is your current supply, but as Zerg it’s just slightly more complicated. The best thing is to include some benchmarks. Like watching the VOD of the build and around 4:00 he has X amount of Worker and on 5:00 I have to have Y amount of worker. You will need your benchmarks, otherwise it’s hard to improve.

I can only add 1 more thing to tRQwade’s post which is pretty damn accurate. One of the best and helpful post in this forum, thumbs up. Play! Once you know your builds you have to play them over and over again. If you don’t force yourself to play, you maybe won’t overcome the ladder anxiety, which everyone has at a certain point. It’s all about “keep going”

If you stuck you need to ask some playesr and then over time you will improve.



Yes that is what I meant thank you

Please always post a replay (upload to and post the _link here).
It’s way easier to give good feedback, if we see what you do.

Hello Arkad,

You need to use shortcuts, (grid layout is good) and then group all hatcheries in one group, and group queens in one group.
There are tricks how you can inject very fast.

Then your economy will boom much faster.
Build 3rd Base at minute 3:30 and have at least 50 worker at minute 6:00

Mix your units well (Zergling + Baneling + Roach/Hydra)

Watch this serie, it’s called b2gm, I think Vibe is the absolute best teacher out there, he’s really great. There are tons of material and the serie is very long, but if you wanna understand the game and improve quickly that’s the best advice I can give you.

ViBE - Intro for 2019’s Bronze to GM! - YouTube

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Don’t worry too much about Build order (honestly that’s more for like top masters tournament play,) with zerg remember to scout effective ly with ur first 2 overloads and get a good base scout at like 4 mins. Don’t drop queen injects or supply block. If ur doing this then just make tech that I like or feel is the best.

Remember to have fun too, super important, losing doesn’t mean it not.getting better