Help for a gold and below player

Is there any unit composition (preferably before hive tech) that isnt hard countered by marine tank?

If not is there any unit composition at hive that doesnt revolve around caster micro if they add 5-6 thors to that army?

Yes this is a serious question. I cannot beat almost any terran past the 12-15 minute mark. Brood lords are useless if they have 2 thors and 10 marines as no broodlings will survive long enough to do anything and of course thors damn near out range turrets and I can’t get in with banelying, speedlings or roaches to deal with anything as 5-6 tanks make it impossible to close the distance. Even on creep where I catch them unseiged I am making absolutely no headway. Thanks for serious replies.

I once bested my son who tried something similar against me. Lurkers was the key to victory, but yeah … those marines hit harder than they have any right to. Forget ultras, broodlords, zerglings, hydra or roach. Lurkers’ AoE did the trick.

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Broodlords and Ultras are basically useless against Terran, unless you are way ahead.
Hydra / lurker / nydus once you are on 3-4 bases and until then just get a lot of queens (2 per base) for injects (remember that you can stack injects!) and some creep spread.

You could get a roach warren at about 3-4 minutes to be safe (10 lings/+2-3 roaches per base vs. hellions or vs. a drop).
Up to 10-15 queens until 4 bases is totally fine. (helps vs. BCs, drops, banshees or liberators)
1 spore crawler per base (vs. liberators, banshees, BC, drops) and a baneling nest (vs. mass marines or mass hellbats) at 4:30 or something like that.

Corruptor (vs. air or to destroy planetary fortresses or key structures like the armory to reveal widow mines) / Lurker (splash damage, good range) and maybe some lings can be pretty good afterwards.

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all he has to do is scan , thats is lurker gone , the have hp but they dont seeem to hold on to it well