Help change build time

Hello from France,
I m trying to edit the build time of bunker units but if my process worked i didn t manage to avoid some conflict between shortcuts.

Process description :

Add prerequirement ‘Dont have Enginerring Bay’
Duplicate ability ‘Build - VCS’
Add new card command (type sub menu) and link ‘new build time bunker’ to the duplicated ability
Set Prerequirement ‘Don t have Enginerring Bay’ with ‘Build - VCS’ ability
Set Prerequirement ‘Have Enginerring Bay’ with ‘Build - VCS Copy’ ability

The hotkey of these two ability is the same and i can t edit the access/link to the main card command which by default is called ‘1’.

I didn t find how remove entirely the first ability when the Enginerring Bay is done (maybe it could work ? ) How can i solve this conflict ? (PS : i don t want to use another hotkey)

this is hard to read and understand. to change the build time of bunker just change the build time of the bunker in the scv build ability. hotkeys are related to buttons, which can be linked or separate. example: in the lotv campaign changing the dragoon hotkey will also change stalker and adept hotkeys beacuse they are linked in "button"s because they share a certain phrase.

Sorry for my language but i was tired to struggle with editor and never find any help.

I ve done what you said. My problem concerns hotkeys (or re-assign hotkeys) : i have to create a second panel ‘card buttons’ like ‘advanced building’ where the new building (fast bunker construction) is linked. If i just disabled (and not remove) the original bunker button and i add the new building aside (in the same panel - card buttons), sc2 hotkeys doesn t assign automatically to the new bunker (with faster time construction). I want the same shortcut for the new bunker but anyway, i can t modify the main panel (card button with ‘move’, ‘attack’, ‘basic building’,‘advanced buildings’… etc)…
I m thinking to create a new scv and replace the old SCV …
Hope it s easier to understand,