Hard and Normal should be separated

Hard is the threshold where you start to see cloaked/burrowed units, and you start to get a lot of splash damage. Some commanders handle this really well, because their detection easily moves with their army and/or their units are fairly tanky. Other commanders require a significant increase in APM from Normal to Hard, because otherwise their observers or Marines are going to just die.

Normal and Casual are fine to queue together, as there isn’t much of a noticeable difference. But Hard should be separate.

What do you mean “separate”? They’re already 2 different difficulty levels. Did you mean they shouldn’t be paired together in the matchmaking? Even then, the “hybrid difficulty” between Normal and Hard should still leave requiring detection out, along with needing higher APM.

Build a couple orbital centers or never research speed increases on observers.

Keybind it to a quick key like shift + 1 for orbitals / main command center, makes it easy to scan.

Normal and hard offering hybrid difficulty (weak attack waves, but stronger mode defense waves 0 is a hybrid meant to match que times while letting a person que together with another player.

You get the higher xp of the mode. But it probably helps add in a easier transition. While it can be a bit of a extra annoyance to add in scans or a robotics bay,

It’s still a coop game so even if one ally is unprepared the other ideally could be able to help, and you can BE that ally.

Just feel free to bank a extra scan or set a observer to peek or follow the other team if you want and use alt + 3 or alt # to keybind ONLY the selected members to a group (leaving out your other units etc ). And it can be pretty handy.

Being able to keybind and seperate groups has helped put my casual pug cue times for stuff like split clearing with semi reliable 0-30 building kill allies to 90-130 building kills p3 Split pushing Odin tychuses On dead of night for instance.

Where i was able to go from worst case scenario 22-24 minute don games to 16-18 minute p3 tychus clears by getting more comfortable with split pushing control groups, chain fire, and multi army + blaze micro control (D0, clear bottom 3 Buildings, N1, defend, 0 upgrade Rattle to heal, save money for D1 Blaze with immediate spread fire on death, use N2 odin to defend south gate or north gate if needed in order to tank south gate while intercepting north gate with tychus starting chain fires and building medvac in case of chokers for emergency clears. Set up Odin to solo push south part if needed and micro blaze to set up chain fires. etc. )

(tychus has noticably low base building dps, 100 supply of marines does 1400 dps for 5k minerals. Tychus takes 3k minerals to jump from 70 to 200 dps. A powerful hero, but he often caps at like 300-400 raw Dps vs the 1000-2800 Raw glass cannon dps of some other commander’s potential. )

There’s a lot of nice parts about coop though that can come later. Some people don’t think past that and go. “haha, commander go f2a move and die, 250 minerals respawn, no healer no abilities go brrr. brutal ez”, etc.

But then those people might have horror story 36-44+ minute games where their building kills are like horror story 0-60 kills by the 40 minute mark.

And some person might be a speedster. I’m sure there’s some speed demons out there doing 7-14 minute runs on other commanders.

But Just as normal to hard can offer some learning opportunities, so can learning skills to counter your weaknesses such as lack of detection or some commander blind spots. (Tychus is a wrecking ball healbrawler of a death dealing tank.

But there’s not a lot of ways to compensate for being technically 4-7x lower raw dps f2a moving without chainfires and split pushing lol. ) Still at the same time. Learning to get your feet wet in sc2 is often the first start to getting to become a even better player at it.

And i welcome all, hope you have fun and with just a few learned tips and tricks, you can learn to decimate nearly every single army and comp amon has to offer you! Normal, hard, brutal or (some one trick pony brutations).

Knowing your commanders in and out and learning to cope or handle their weaknesses and exploit their strengths can be a great skill to have!

I don’t see any use for doing that and disagree completely.

I can’t imagine that someone playing on normal is a complete retard not being able to figure out how to build detection and therefore I consider it more as a learn to play issue that should be learned before you start up any co-op rather than ‘an increase in difficulty’. The same goes for dealing with AOE. There is no excuse/reason for someone playing on normal capable of reading to not take into account that if the enemy comp consists of a lot of splash damage (e.g. disruptor-reaver) to adapt his playing style a bit, adapting to that enemy composition (in this example by building some air units). I know there are special creatures playing this game but I’m quite sure 99% can at least read the enemy composition he is facing in a co-op and I’m quite sure they also know the very basic counters.

In the very rare situtation that matchmaking between two players -one selecting hard and one selecting normal- occurs (few people play on normal/hard since most the playerbase are playing on brutal or brutal+/+X and otherwise the searching time for a co-op would become to long) I would see it as an opportunity to get better. I would also urge you to play on one level above your comfort zone if you are still playing on normal/ hard. You will get to the point very soon where that ‘hard’ or even ‘brutal mode’ becomes a piece of cake ;).

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Perhaps the OP could jump on the various websites aimed at guiding new players into becoming proficient with the various difficulties and read up about their commanders. Sc2coop, TL.net and sc2 fandom wiki all have fantastic information. Of particular importance is the basic build orders and fast expand strategies for various commanders that each player should learn and be proficient with. If as a player you can do some decent macro and produce enough units quickly enough they should be able to solo on hard even with a normal difficulty ally (or vice versa) that is a total deadweight for most commanders at most levels on most maps.

Perhaps if you tell us the difficulty your plating at, the commander that you’re playing and the level that they are at and maybe post a replay we can give some general feedback?

Also there is a major difference between Normal an Casual. On Casual, all enemy units have 1/2 hp. (on top of smaller waves)

People playing at a difficulty lower than Hard should just receive a buff that make all their units detectors.
Most of the problem would be solved, and the Hard+ player can still play against cloaked opponents.

I think if you don’t know the basic concepts of a game with stealth/cloak mechanics you should either go back to the tutorial or don’t play this game at all. This concept has already been established since the original starcraft. And many succeeding games followed suit.

I don’t have a problem with the OP .

Though as someone who sucks at mutations, I will sorely miss queing for a brtual mutation, and getting paired with a casual .

Today I was playing in Normal, my ally too, we were on Oblivion Express and Lurkers accompanied the trains.
Not sure if something is wrong with the map or the generic attack wave making algorithm.