Guardian Shield Mechanics

Does GS increase armor of structures?

Guardian Shield is a defensive spell cast by the Protoss Sentry. It creates a shield bubble around the Sentry that reduces the damage of all incoming ranged attacks by 2. Guardian Shield lasts for 15 seconds and only affects friendly units. Friendly buildings are not affected by it.”

Of course units are not structures. It depends on how you define units. If you define it as a “unit” of something under your control, then… Maybe a structure should be a unit which doesn’t move? XD

Fortunately it’s not, what allows for easy recognition of effects around different games thanks to keywords:

  • Friendly entities (or similar) - affects all structures, units and everything else you control.
  • Units - affects units only.
  • Structures - affects structures only.

It seems you are not a programmer. It’s all about semantics and… inheritance.