Great mix of RTS and turn based strategy

Hello, guys, I wanted to share some info about an excellent game mode for old game Heroes of Might & Magic III called “Duel”. I think it’s something Starcraft players might be interested in, because it mixes turn based strategy (TBS) with real-time strategy (RTS). Essentially you play TBS, but with the highest speed possible much like RTS. I think it’s very exciting to watch and play. It’s old school and since I myself am a little bit older a like it quite a lot. I hope some of you might like it too.

Just watch this: Heroes 3 HOTA - DUEL - can 1 air elemental HODOR? - YouTube

And I am sure that if you are a little bit old school and want something a more “chill” than Starcraft, but still action packed and strategy based, you will love it!

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I remember playing Might and magic back in the day. pretty sure it was six or seven. but damn was that game fun with all the commentary by the party. And so much to do in that game, probably spent a good magority of my time just grinding away and gather armor. Its funny you bring this up now, after i just came across a video about heros3, which reminding me about the game in the first place.

Heroes 3 aren’t that entertaining when playing online on these private modded servers. This game was awesome because of “pre-internet era” hot seat mode.