GOD of mech is back!

avilo, mech GOD is streaming again on youtube

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I prefer SuperNova. 6k mmr on KR & plays mech. He got that rank from doing mass BC vs Protoss. Beating Protoss with BCs is basically impossible. He’s probably one of the best players on the planet, but he’s not playing seriously / competing for some reason. Obviously, there is Gumiho as well. He won a Code S with mech. He’s never been considered a “top” terran by the casters, though. I think they view him as more of a B-tier player since his bio play is pretty bad (although, it’s been a lot better as of late). Then, there is also Ruff who plays a lot of mech. There are a lot of good options for mech players to follow.

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I’d tend to agree. Supernova is a monster. Avilo has a winning record over me, but I definitely take my fair share of games against him. Never played Supernova, but I think he’d not drop a single game to me, ever.

I have literally never beaten him in my entire life. I’ve beaten Dark, Parting, Maru, Byun, but I’ve never beaten SuperNova. If I lost a game to Avilo, I’d probably throw my monitor out the window. There were times I gained significant leads against SuperNova, but he was always able to drag the game out and then win the long game.

The style that I hate the most, out of all styles in SC2, is when a terran turtles at home but sends out light harassment. Berrycrunch uses exactly this style. It’s usually 2-4 medivacs and some marines. It’s virtually risk-free. You can’t attack into these players because most of the supply is at home, and you can’t catch the medivacs because they are slipper as heck and even if you did it doesn’t matter because it’s a small portion of their army.

Basically the only way you beat these people is by catching every single counter-attack, over and over again, for like 40 minutes straight. If one ever gets through, you die. It’s by far the most exhausting and obnoxious playstyle in the game, and it’s exactly how SuperNova plays when he falls behind.

The reason this playstyle exists is because Zerg has basically zero capacity to chase down Terran air units as long as those units retreat. There is no way to chase down a retreating Terran air unit – medivacs, banshees, etc. It used to be possible with mass mutalisk, but mass mutalisk isn’t viable vs Terran. Hydralisks and queens are basically the only option until vipers, and each of these can merely force a retreat but can’t kill the air units. This means Terran air units are low risk as long as the terran does a properly timed retreat. Zerg, then, has constant pressure applied to him like the blade of an axe at the back of his neck, and this pressure is never relieved for the entirety of the game.

Zerg, then, cannot do any attacks except attacks that end the game, because the power of a counter-attack is so deadly that as soon as you are out of position for it, the game is over. If you move out of position, it’s to win the game. That means TvZ is not an interesting back-and-forth, but a stalemate where the Zerg waits for the terran to secure a new base then does one giant attack. It’s a horrible playstyle that pretty much destroys TvZ. Thank God, not all terran players play this way.

i beat Avilo by going queen swarmhost. he sucks

private account barcode claims to beaten GSL pros

cool story bro

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Blocked. 12345678901

The 5.1k player thinks he’s beaten Byun, Dark, Parting, and Maru? lolol…oh man this is top hilarious.

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Watching people make a fuss over Nathanias picking Supernova in the warchest team league was so disheartening. That’s the whole point of the tournament. There was also radio silence when Supernova crushed Reynor in a long macro game. If only the people realized that it makes you a more rounded player when you draw builds from unorthodox players rather than Maru every time.

I hadn’t heard about that, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. If he is 6k mmr while beating Protoss with mass BCs, then he’s probably one of the strongest players on the planet. Ty was able to win Code S while doing a mass BC build vs Protoss, but it was out of meta and caught his opponent off guard. Everyone knows SuperNova will go mass BC and they still lose.

For contrast, when TY was “laddering to win” he was only 6.3k mmr. SuperNova is within spitting distance of TY’s “tryhard” mmr, but he does it using mass BC.


I was so confident that I would win, I told him to get a “real” job at the start of the game :rofl:. This is incontrovertible proof that I’ve beaten him and that it was easy. I’ve got many more examples than this, but this one alone is enough to disprove your claims.

People think that being “good” at a video game is hard, and it’s legit crazy to think like that. Video games are designed to be easy – nobody would even buy the game if it were hard. Beating Code S players is literally only a time investment. SC2 isn’t a measure of skill, it’s a measure of if you have a life or not. The amount of time you have to invest will delete your entire social life. That’s why you don’t want to reveal to women that you play SC2. They won’t be impressed that you play an easy game, in fact they will be disappointed that you’ve wasted so much time on an easy game. Literally the only thing that is “hard” about SC2 is finding the time required to play it.

Pro players don’t make good money, either. I suspect if you average out their winnings by time invested, they make poverty wages. So, it’s like, you ruin your entire life to be good at an easy game, and you do this why, exactly? What is the benefit here? Is this an addiction? That’s exactly what’s going to be going on through your date’s head if you tell her you are good at SC2. With that kind of time invested, you could get a PhD in mathematics instead. What do you think looks better on a resume? “I see here it says you were Grandmaster at SC2 for 8 years, could you please elaborate?”. Lmao. What would you even say that wouldn’t immediately lose you the job?

Being good at SC2 is like one of those “deep, dark secrets” that you keep hidden from everyone you know. It’s like if you murdered someone years ago. You never, ever, tell ANYONE about it because it’s like being radioactive. They might not call the police on you if you reveal you are GM at EZcraft 2, but they will treat you like you have the plague. Frankly, they ought to call the police on you – it should be illegal. You never reveal this stuff to anyone – it’s a bad idea. So, you have to keep it locked away. It’s a secret, like a booze addiction.

People will say I am being unreasonable here, but, come on man, it’s not like we are curing cancer here. It’s not like we are putting men on Mars. This is a video game for crying out loud. It is not hard. If you want to do something hard, try starting a business. You will know what hard is, and you will never look at SC2 the same.

That’s why it is just ridiculous that people complain about balance / design. It’s like, what on Earth. OK, so you’re telling me you have a very slight disadvantage in a task that is already so easy that disadvantages are basically irrelevant, and you are complaining about this, why? How old are you? 5? A 5 year old complains about easy tasks like folding laundry. SC2 is like folding laundry. It’s just a time investment to complete a task. So, why are we complaining?

As you can see, I have the deepest of regrets for being good at SC2. I could’ve cured cancer in the time I wasted clowning on some teenagers in a video game. It’s like, man, don’t go down the road I went down – it’s not worth it. I am telling you, the only thing hard about the game is the time sacrifice and that price is not worth paying.