Giving Spawn Locust ability Autocast

Good day!

I’d like it to work as such:

  • When Auto-cast is enabled, the player will be prompted to select a rally.
  • Swarm Host will continuously send waves locusts to a rallied location.
  • Cancelling Auto-cast will remove the rally.
  • Ability will still work as single cast.

I am a little familiar with the editor. I tend to figure things out through tutorials or playing around with values to see what they do.

I’ve turned on the ability to use Auto-cast on the button, it turns on but doesn’t actually work as intended. I think I need to link some abilities/validators to the button to prompt player inputs when Auto-cast is turn on?

What you are asking is a few set ups. Not impossible, but I’d rather encourage you to join our discord: In there, you’ll get the help you need to get started.

Thanks Rem!
Joined via link. Good to know there’s still community out here.