"Ghost Irradiation Round Rework" mod

I made a mod out of boredom that replaces the Ghost’s Steady-Targeting with a new ability.

The new ability, “Irradiation Round”, is 75 energy ability that targets a single biological unit with two major effects:

  1. The spell deals 10% of a biological target’s current health+shields on impact, followed by 8 additional ticks of 10% current-health damage over 2.9 seconds. This does mean that the spell cannot directly kill, and its effect weakens as the target takes damage.
  2. While the effect is active, the target also takes 50% additional damage from non-spell sources.

Feel free to try the mod with friends, comment on it, ignore it, whatever floats your boat.

Zerg players don’t want ghost nerfs it seems. :rofl:

I’m sorry but this is VERY bad idea

Probably. Like I said, I was bored.