Get rid of the counter at the start of matches

It just slows things down. If people aren’t used to the game just loading and starting by now, I’m confused. Everyone I’ve talked to has expressed that it’s not an improvement.


I personally love it, helps with splitting workers. Good change blizzard.


I agree; loud, obnoxious, redundant, and unwanted. Get rid of it.

Pretty much just a loud minority constantly complaining for this and now the rest of the community has to deal with it. They’re willing to add this small change but not allow arcade trolls to be permanently banned from a lobby or add a report option for serial co-op trolling. Clearly they have their priorities straight.


Before the cpu would compile shaders and cause a pause. Its also easier to micro workers to mineral rims to get more minerals. Ever see maru start a game?

I will agree its needless in replays but its all good. Its appreciated by me.