Game Speed is too Fast

^ Its not the speed of the game. The main problem was the 12 workers start. They should’ve kept the 6 workers start.


ACTUALLY i thought about it a bit. It would have a very serious impact on balance wouldnt it? For example it would completly change the relation between banes and marines. Slower game speed: more time to react with marines and splitting and hit and run would be easier. that means no more losses vs a move banes and bio would be playable on online tournaments (its kinda hard to play bio vs zerg because of lag). we should do it boys!!

but yeah actually i would hate playing on lower speed.

Wouldn’t really work like that. Currently bio is just too weak to win reliably even with perfect micro, making it unplayable even by pros in offline tournaments.

Few games it appears in are won or lost because enemy has little practice vs this play as not many people do it.

At least outside of tvt.

campaign mode has an option to play at normal, this really bothered me until i realized you are allowed to play campaign in faster as well

Starting with Legacy of the Void, all time-related values in game show real-time seconds.

Why don’t you just finish reading before you’re making false claims?

Both you and your opponent are playing at the same game speed: if you lose, he simply made better decisions during the same limited time than you did. That’s the whole point of an RTS game.
And btw, a lot of coop players for example hate to play on lower difficulties because a slower game speed is really, really (I mean: REALLY) annoying.

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There’s also very little to do in coop anyway.

this guy again lol… some NA has problems with speed… ‘Blizzard change speed for everyone because I am (the one in question) challenged mentally’.

If you want a “strategy” game I can give you a mobile cash grab that I got into and now I felt I went too long way to quit it because I paid for it too. It is so slow that you will have days to think

I can’t bear any speed slower than the current one, the game feels like a snail already


Any zerg that will A-move its benes into bio from one side should be a pretty low division and skill level player. It’s an instant loss against someone who knows how to fight them.

Depends on spread and ammount. Sometimes, mass a-move is all you need no matter what unit.

At least… If you have macro to support this playstyle.


Its not the speed of the game. The main problem was the 12 workers start. They should’ve kept the 6 workers start.

Exactly. It’s not “game speed.” It’s “pace of game.” There’s barely any midgame anymore. If they want startup to go fast, that’s fine. We can have 12 workers, just make workers mine and move like 7% slower when mining and that will slow the pace down just fine.

What you fail to understand is that it is this time pressure that CREATES the strategy of the game. Strategy is 100% about resource management and your APM budget is by far your most valuable resource. There are Grandmasters with 80 APM because they spend their budget well. Whatever problems you face, you can solve them strategically by catering your strategies to your available resources.

You are picking strategies that maximize your weaknesses while crying that there is no strategy in the game - horrifically ironic.

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The game speed is perfectly fine, you get used to it.

Also you are using old data which im surprised no one mentioned yet (or maybe they did i just skimmed) in LotV the game clock was changed to match the real world clock. its currently 1:1

git gud

I’m lost. How in any way does a game speed that effects both players affect the ability for strategy?

In also lost on how it takes away from viewership. If an engage that lasts only 5 seconds is too fast, normal game speed isnt much longer.

This was changed in legacy of the void, I believe. The game runs in normal time but all unit stats have been modified to reflect the speed of the “Faster” which was used in wol and hots. This is for multiplayer only I think. The campaign still uses “Blizzard time”

But the reason for this was that in BW the game was played on faster. Normal speed is painfully slow. The same is true for sc2. if you actually play the game on “Normal” speed it takes forever for anything to happen. That’s why it’s always been played on the “faster” speed.

The latest SC2 speed is too fast. I’m diamond level, but I am not going to play SC2 very seriously because I think it sucks that you spend 6-10 minutes making an army so that it can die in 10 seconds. 10 seconds + lag can mean your whole army of spell-casters can be gone before you even get a chance to use your army. To an extent, you just have to avoid spell casters and use a stupid army that can hold up on auto-attack… I think this kills the depth and enjoyability of this game. Like, what is the point? Does blizzard just want an army of morons who are great at clicking fast playing their game?

If you have to wait 6+ minutes to get to a battle, the battle should at least reliably last 30 seconds. This can be accomplished at normal speed…

This game is not an RTS, it is an URTS. (unreal-time strategy for young people who don’t mind getting arthritis and other ailments because they have to be so damn fast just to compete.).

Competitive SC2 has been made stupid and ruined by blizzard with the decision to use faster speed as the default.


Like seriously, how can you ppl not see that SC2 is a great game with cool units and awesome mechanics that have been completely ruined by turning up the game speed to the point of ridiculousness? Sure if you play the game for 10 years and your APM is great, you can pull off some cool stuff on the battlefield. But why make the game like that? The speed should be turned to normal for humans… Let computers, bots, and asian teenagers play at the higher speeds if they want to.

Why does APM boil down to the most important characteristic of this game? Why does it have to be like that?


Lmao get a load of this guy.
Then there’s freakin serral saying the game should be faster because its too easy.

I’m a crippled idiot with one functioning hand and I manage just fine. I think your problem is between the shoulders.

You can say what you want. I’ve seen Seral lose to 15 lings in the early game before 3 minutes because this game is too fast even for him…

And anyone who thinks this game is not too fast (and hasn’t been playing for over 5 years) should try playing vs my lings at this retarded game speed they call RTS. SC2 = Not RTS.