Game is constantly stuttering despite high fps --

2019 16-inch MacBook Pro
2.4GHz 8-core i9
64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB
Latest version of Big Sur

Even when playing with everything set to low and the lost resolution, the game is still unplayable. I’m getting consistent high FPS with those settings (170+), but SC2 is still unplayable. The game is full of chop. Tried both Metal and OpenGL.

i.e. a progress bar for a building SCV loads like this

It’s practically rhythmic. How can SC2 perform so poorly on a machine from 2019? Is this because macOS can only use the 64-bit version?

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Same machine here, performance on macOS is terrible. Switch to Boot Camp if you really want to play this game smoothly.

Same here with middle specs (i9 / 8Gb /5500 4Gb) - “stuttering” just happens constantly.

I’m also experiencing this. I’m playing on a brand new Mac Studio, and even on graphic settings set to low (with 200+ FPS), the game is nearly unplayable due to stuttering.

This is odd - I’m playing on a Studio as well and it runs pretty good, I found that setting Shaders to Medium made a world of a difference. There are still some areas where FPS tank but on the whole, FPS are pretty good

I have high fps, no latency issues and it worked perfectly 3 days ago. This just started happening to me. I’m on a Mac mini 2018 with Mojave

3.2 6 core i7
16gb ddr4 ram
intel uhd graphics 630 1536 mb

Can this please get fixed so we can play the game that we love?

I have the same problem on an M1 Max.