Game appears to be frozen, but the screen is not updating

When I start the game, I get to the loading page, and it freezes. I can’t see the mouse, but I hear the sounds from the emperor Mengsk screen. If I hit the windows key and go to the desktop and hover over the sc2 icon on the taskbar in the pop up I can see that it has loaded. If I click on the icon and go back to the application, I see the loaded screen but once again I can’t see the mouse moving but if I just randomly click around, I can hear me opening menus and if I repeat going to the desktop and back to the application, I can see what menu I have opened but once again the screen is frozen. I have uninstalled the client. I have uninstalled I have double checked I have the latest drivers. I have reset the settings. I have used the scan and repair tool, but nothing fixes it.

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