Full List of Blizzard Maintenance needed

So I haven’t seen very many threads cover the current issues going on in game so I decided to list them to see if Blizzard Maintenance is aware of these issues and if they will fix them.

Games Timing out when entering ranked and unranked in format of 2v2 3v3 and 4v4
Games and lobby errors for arcade games timing out with a global timeout error
Match History Error unable to load

These are the current issues we are facing although I personally have not faced any time out issues with 1v1 Im sure it exists as some of my friends have had this issue as well. If any Blizzard staff sees this please address these following issues! Thank you!

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They are likely all the same issues.

And as for this:

Would’ve save you so much trouble to bother to search through the forums a little. It is the top post under ‘Technical Support’:

Thank you for that I apoligize I must admit a simple scroll down and I would have seen the tech support lobby! Thank you for clarifying!