For Aiur achievements on brutal

It is possible to get all the achievements for the mission “For Aiur” on brutal, in a single session?

I just played the first mission of the Legacy of the Void campaign, For Aiur, on brutal difficulty, but I cannot get all the achievements (complete the mission in under 10 minutes and lose fewer than 100 units).

I played the mission multiple times, and try to get both achievements, but every time I lose like 120-130 units and complete it in approx. 10:30-10:40. If I try to lose fewer units, I cannot move fast enough to complete the time achievement, and if I try to move faster, the zergs kill too many of my units.

Did anyone do it?

I don’t know if you can, but on my side, what I do is:

  • I play casual to do the bonus objectives + the achievement with no difficulty requirement, and learn the mission

  • Then normal for the normal achievement

  • Then hard for the hard achievement

  • Then brutal for the challenge of doing it in brutal (no more achievement left, except about doing it in brutal (there’s no achievement for it for the 3 first mission and 3 last mission of LotV, because they are separated of the 19 main).

I like to have stats for all 3 difficulty.

So I suggest you, if you can’t do it, don’t hesitate to do other difficulty for achievement and just have fun to focus on winning for brutal.

Some achievements ARE impossible to get at the same time. There’s at least 1 case out there of this (saying it like this because I’m too lazy to look for even an approximation of the count) where you can know it without even playing, just looking at the descriptions, so if you thought the developers may have always tried to make sure the achievements don’t contradict each others and don’t prevent each others to be accomplished, NO, they didn’t try to do that.

I’m not sure how it is for this mission in particular, but by default, you can assume it could be impossible indeed to get all achievements at the same time for a mission.