Fix terran or make sc3

its absolutely ridiculous fighting terran in the current balance.
I seem to lose 80% of my games to terran, even matches I win terran seem to automatically force the game to be over 20 mins long.

they are the only race in the game that cannot be rushed/punished for not creating basic units.
they are the only race in the game that doesn’t get punished for having a lack of anti air.
they are the only race in the game with an undeniable scan/scout/detector.
all other races are required to scout using units, or detect using detectors.
these can be shot down, and scouting can be denied, except in the case of an orbital command.

there is virtually no response to your opponent scanning you.
they constantly complain about free units from zerg, but are the only race in the game able to spawn free workers, supply depots, and turrets.

terran siege tanks shoot from so far away they often claim over 10x their value.
planetary fortress are capable of wiping entire armies, and only require scvs to defend/repair them - a single planetary is capable of taking down over 2000 minerals worth of zerglings, roaches, or hydras.

virtually the entire terran army is capable of attacking both ground & air.

this creates a massive issue with supply values. a planetary fortress and some scvs (no supply) is capable of defending itself vs a full supply of zerg.

No matter how much you complain about Terran, the balance team are Terran fan boys and WILL NOT balance them so just do what I did and switch to them.

Protoss have no chance in hell in beating Zerg and Terran when played properly. You know that Terran Mech with EMP is completely impossible to win against as Toss?

This game has and always will be TvZ with some Protoss cheese on the side.

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no that mind set is why “terran fan boys on the balance team” are able to get away with this sh!t.
they do it, they know what they are doing, but nobody speaks up, nobody cares.
people either quit, or swap TO the broken race.

you have a handful of people who just dont want anyone to realize they are overpowered.
and then the rest of us are on here complaining about the balance.

the issue honestly is that of all these parties, the ones complaining about the balance are the only genuine goal.
to constantly have people reply by saying “thats just how it is” or the other direction of “terrans not overpowered this is overpowered” or “it sounds like you need to learn how to play against them!” or even worse “it sounds like you dont know about this unit learn how to play your own race!”

thats the problem. thats what allows a ridiculous balance team to get away with this.

the actual developers don’t see the truth, they see arguments disputes and opinions…
but this is becoming a hard FACT that terran is just absolutely overpowered right now.
and as a community not standing together declaring that YES terran ABSOLUTELY IS OVER POWERED
the developers are left to “wait and see” how things develop.

well they waited, and now its time they SEE that yeah, terran is ABSOLUTELY OVER POWERED.

It has never been good since 2019 unfortunately. Are you bronze by the way? Just defend until carrier/void ray and scare your opponent into submission.

This is mostly true because Terran is the race that decides the pacing of the game. That means their offense is bound to be stronger, so when you try to push into that, they are more likely to blind defend it. It’s just unfortunate game design, not necessarily balance off this point alone.

As much as I hate how strong a lot of Terran units can be against early/mid game air, it’s kind of needed. It’s hard to describe in a long story. You have to play for yourself to realize it’s pretty difficult to fend off fast mutas or minimize phoenix damage. Widow mines need to be nerfed/removed.

So true

Queens/nexus/command center. It kind of balances out overall.

Believe it or not, siege tanks were very weak back when they did 35/50 (normal/armored) damage sieged. As much as I hate to see it, the buff for the siege damage to actually do serious damage is very much needed.

I don’t mind this being the case honestly. But when Terrans complain about not having any “real static defense,” it really annoys me because you only need to use your eyes to see how good planetary defense is. Doesn’t even take a brain.

Not a problem. One race has to be different from the other somehow

Objectively true no matter how you look at it. The balance patch notes scream Terran favored. Even if Protoss was stronger back then, it’s obvious that they are biased towards nerfing Protoss into the ground, and less so Zerg. The fact that the solution for Terran against any complex Protoss or Zerg force is to keep spamming MMM + ghosts shows how ridiculous the current state of balance is.

People spoke up in 2019. I spoke up. We all lost. They were considering breaking down the adept and zealot into four twilight council upgrades at one point. Imagine even thinking that is a viable balance option when you are nerfing adepts and zealots on top of that. Luckily we managed to save adepts from getting destroyed too (zealots not so lucky). If anyone thinks the balance team is not Terran biased, they are either new to the game or Terran players. This is why studying history is important - if you forget these things, history just repeats itself. Unfortunately, no one cares about what people on any forums has to say about anything (which is kind of the right answer).

The game was announced dead around October 2020? Nothing really matters now - even if they pushed through that dumb balance patch recently. The damage is done everywhere. Versus, team games, co-op, arcade. Almost all aspects of the game took a hit.


Dude, the Protoss whiners are what legit destroyed this game. How much easier do you want the game to be for you? You could lose a hand, shove an ice pick in one eye, and still win in both PVZ and PVT. You’re North of 50% in both match ups, you won more Premiers than Terran, you’re over-represented in the higher league of SC2, yet still you cry babies gather around to cry about how you still deserve more? How pathetic can you be?

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Classic strawman argument. Any defense for Protoss is automatically seen as whining. All I mentioned was the balance patch notes perspective of things and you have the resident crybaby barcode that screeches the same propaganda about how Protoss is so easy yet they don’t make a show of how much better they can be with it. Maybe if you washed your eyes and potty mouth you could understand my words?


Terran have been OP since 2010. It’s not a new thing. The first 2 years of tournaments were dominated by mass marine pushes. 3 rax was a feared build in the slower SC2 of WoL. And with every expansion, they got more OP.

HoTS: Miracle mines, afterburn on medivacs, etc.

LoTV: Liberators, BC free jumps with no vision, etc.

Every time terran start losing, blizz nerfs the other race and gives them a free teleport or something.


I’m pretty sure when terrans complain about static defenses it is because planetary fortresses are very limited in where they can be constructed and take a very long time to build unlike most static defenses.

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Complaining on the forums about balance is not going to do anything. The balance team honestly looks at this and just laughs. It’s PAINFULLY obvious how imbalanced the game is against Protoss but oh well they are just going to leave it the way it is.

I seriously made the mistake of playing Protoss again, Zerg expanded on my natural AND had 2 extra exps. I had no choice but to zealot rush since he was massing lings. Managed to kill off the exp in my natural AND yet he still overwhelms me with mass lings.

I can’t do anything but turtle, he takes the map. Baneling busts any additional exps I have and just pops out 5-3 ultra’s for fun…good balance blizzard, keep up the good work!

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Bold of you to assume there is still a balance team. All those people work for Frost Giant now.

Are you a Bit disconnected? Who do you think did The latest Balance Patch? :thinking:

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Terran is balanced in ladder winrate, and wins by far the least premier tournaments of any race.

In a recent major tournament the commentators noted that if it wasn’t for a single Terran player (maru) this would be known as the zerg and protoss game. All the bronze level crying in this forum isn’t going to change that.

I suggest maybe putting some effort into learning how to play.


You jumped at the chance to circle jerk with OP about how the balance team were a bunch of “Terran fanboys.” Slice it however you want, that’s completely pathetic.

If you think Terran is op then try playing it. I think it’s the most difficult to play.

According to the blog, “various members of the community and tournament organizers” did. I suspect that largely means the pros.

Seems to imply that all Bliz did was apply the changes to the back end, which wouldn’t require a balance team.


See now you’re right, and that is the truth. The balance team is definitely, in your words, “a bunch of Terran fanboys.” Pull up a history of balance patches and compare how many times they nerf P/Z vs T, and how many times they buff T vs P/Z. Whether or not it is the right call is a separate issue, but no matter how you look at the patch notes, there is clearly a catering to Terran. I don’t think it’s pathetic to call it out as it is. It’s really obvious and you know it.

Balance is made by techs from advices taken from pro players who need balance at pro level matching. This wrecks it for anyone playing through the leagues.

You mean its Bad that they kinda fixed pvz? Now Protoss isnt forced to Turtle and zerg isnt forced to Rush every Game. Thats a Bad Thing ?


What I’m trying to say is that they don’t try to fix balance issues at regular gamer level if at the top end of pro-playing a 300apm dude can play it balanced, all 3 races.

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I mean the Blizzard Team didnt do that either. If anything they Made It worse often Times. The pros actually fixed the issue generated by the Balance Team. I also would say with pros who do the balancing Something Like 2019 wouldnt have Happend. Or at least Not a whole year, rather a few months. Also Something that dumb as the swarm Host era wouldnt have Happend either.

Edit: Also, pros like harstem want to make carrier weaker/less a move friendly because he thinks its too onesided for weaker players. Chances are that they actually do care about how its for casual players but also for pro players.

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