Fenix: Do you ever start with Stargate?

See title. I’ve seen both Gateway/Robot starter, is there any situation that Fenix would start with Stargate?

I see a couple of people going for early carriers as Fenix. Personally I prefer to start cheap.

Stargate opener is usually a noob trap due to slowness. Best to get some sort of ground units out to deal with early waves via splash effects.

Stargate second is good though if it suits the map.

Works pretty well on ME and DoN actually, mostly for Scout spam because of how much damage they do to light units.

(Well, that and both maps don’t have rock expos, cause you’re not breaking rocks fast with a Stargate opener)


Not here. I typically start with Gateway and get Kalandis/Zlot champ out ASAP.

The sc2 Coop guide recommends Robotics, Immortal, and Taldarin to clear rocks (with Fenix to deal with contested exps)…

… This seems to be good too, but I go Gateway even more with his P1

You can but it’s not as effective.

With Fenix P2, I think at least on Void Launch I may go full Stargate (make sense against air objectives).
The Vermillion Problem (because it’s easier to plan movements around the lava times with air units) and Temple of the Past (to get past the defensive rocks and/or troll the north-east base) are possibilities too.
Those are not the only ways, but depending on other factors, they are possibilities.

As they have already said it, scout opener is good vs infested maps as they have anti-light and only infested marines can shoot back.

Now for Carrier build is manageable but not his best build(ramp up is slow, carrier needs critical mass and attack upgrades), you can use it in long maps as you have Fenix to take care of the early game. Open Kaldaris for expo clear and leave the gas for carrier production.

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I mean the stand out performers against infested are Talis, Mojo and Warbringer right? And of those 3 surely Warbringer (with Taldarin to tank) is going to provide the easiest hold on ME or DoN? Can add Mojo after (clearing DoN with a flock of Scouts is a decent strategy).

Yeah, I’d go robo first vs infested.

Yeah… after some testing I found Robo to be the best even against infested, also partly because I only have to upgrade the land weaponry/armor instead of that AND air.

Only if I want to use merely carrier, then I will use photon cannon to damage rocks.

I’m a Robo first Taldarin - Robo Bay - Warbringer - Nexus guy with most maps.

Gateway first on RoK because of fast first wave, and Malwarfare because you kind of need to go fast their.

I do a Warbringer first Robo on infested maps (you go double gas, 200 min then RF / RSB at same time). Warbringer should come out right at first night / first launch shuttle.

With P2 I always go Gateway first, Kaldaris is your super star, get him in the game, and build up his data web up quickly.

While I don’t go Stargate first I do sometimes go Stargate 2nd but usually it comes last for me.

I always go stargat scouts/carriers first. No problem with that.

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This is a bad strategy on many maps as scout/Carrier is very bad at breaking rocks/expansion. Almost always much better to go Gateway or Robo first and then build Stargate second.

Usually best to focus on 3-4 units until TDW is maxed out before branching into others. I do Adept, Scout, Carrier vs Air and Zealot, Immortal, Colossus vs Ground. Mix it up as required and mix in whatever extra champions fit the map (can almost always add Warbringer).

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I beat all missions like that, this tactic is all right.

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It is not “alright” it is bad and will sometimes require your ally to carry you on some maps where a lot of damage has to be dealt to ground units (Oblivion Express) or prevented (Mist Opportunities).

Once you throw mutations in by playing Brutal+1+ you can’t be playing these meme builds every game.

Not to say that you shouldn’t know how to do a Stargate first mass air build as sometimes mass carrier is the only thing that will work with certain mutators active but it is slow and shouldn’t be the default.

stargate first seems not that viable to me unless you are dealing with someone memeing it with 'I’m going mass carriers" being somewhat usefull after 10-15 minutes… (and even then it’s a mistake because he should start with his fleet beacon into stargate because the moment your stargate finishes you want to be able to make them instantly and not come to the conclusion you still need another tech building).

I’ve seen some niche mass scouts play with fenix too which some palyers do for the laughs but I can’t say I’m a fan of it. The most viable way to play him is imho kaldalis into taldarin (gateway into robo)

When I played, Brutal+1 wasn’t even a thing. And on Brutal mutations, I usually played Stukov, because he was op before the nerf. Now, my favourite is Dehaka.
I finished Oblivion, and Mist with stargate first tactic, don’t forget, the Fenix hero is also there. He can do early game damage.

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I went with a Stargate first build with Fenix … once … for the achievement.

It’s actually not great.