Feedback on Fenix's Prestiges

Fenix Akhunderlar improves the power of Dragoon and Praetor, but weakens Aribiter a lot. Using Aribiter as detector becomes impractical. Moreover, the CD of the recall is too long. The players can no longer transfer troops as frequently as before.
Suggestion : Hope Aribiter may be strengthened.

The second prestige Network Administrator improves the combat effectiveness in the early game. Half price allows Fenix to quickly gather 6 A.I. personalities. 300% Data Web is very strong and interesting. Kaldalis, Taldarin, Mojo and Warbringer benefit a lot from this prestige. However, the non-heroic combat units are very very weak. Cost, damage and vital are all halved. That means the player spent half of the resources to get only a quarter of the combat power. When the army reaches 200 supply, the total combat power is lower than Purifire Executor because the non-heroic combat units are too powerless and fragile.
Suggestion : Hope the reduction in damage and vital may be less.

Contrary to Network Administrator, the third prestige Unwavering Vindicator reduces the combat effectiveness in the early game due to the cancellation of additional life and shield. The biggest weakness of Network Administrator is that the warping time of the unit in VR and VS is too long. If Taldarin, Warbringer, Mojo or Clolarin dies, the non-heroic units cannot be replenished immediately. The effect of revenge is not as strong as expected.
Suggestion : Fenix Network Administrator needs Artanis’s Warp Harmonizaiton.

To draw a conclusion, I think the third prestige Unwavering Vindicator is too weak. All three prestiges provide new ways to play, but in most cases the original Purifire Executor is stronger than these presitiges.

You realize that’s the point, right? Prestiges shouldn’t be straight upgrades, they should be choices to change how the commander plays or change when the commander hits big power spikes.

I like akhundelar, but the other 2 for me were pretty “meh” for me. Nexus administrator feels maybe a tad underwhelming for how weak your army gets against AoE, and I honestly barely noticed unwavering vindicator.

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“ Prestiges shouldn’t be straight upgrades.” Indeed, I agree with your point. But when I turn to try the prestiges of some other commanders such as Zeratul and Tychus, I found one of their three prestiges is better than the original at any time.

So, what does monk want prestiges to become? Upgrades or different strategies
If the prestiges and the original should be balanced, I think the first and second prestiges of Fenix are very good designs. If the prestiges should be upgrades, these prestiges look a little weak。