Favorite Buffs + Units Combo

Recently had the pleasure of watching P1 Wrathwalker with Energizer in action, then there’s Raynor P1 Marine + Guardian Shields.

What’s everyone’s favorite buff + unit combo? (Besides Alarak + Minions, of course)

Chrono waved ESOs are pretty hilarious to watch


Chrono’d infested factory following Alarak with Overcharge and Infested Structures going on for days. It’s been my late amusement. :+1:


Stettman JUICE (purple) with Oracles is pretty boss.

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My fave is P1 Kerrigan’s malignant creep + Stukov’s global creep spread. Your units get additional regen, move speed and attack speed with minimal creep tumor micro.

Edit: It also recreates the first Skygeirr mission in HOTS especially when Stukov is running P3.

I wonder what’s the proper way of asking my teammate for it. Does it have to be infested factory, not a floating regular one?

You have to Chrono the structure while it is rooted. It will gain movement speed unrooted, so it can keep up otherwise too slow. And while the ghost patch fixed this issue (previously not possible due to bug), you can’t actually target the infested barracks (cheaper, but anecdotal from friend as he was Alarak when I found this out). So perhaps it was an oversight for P1 Stukov (me at the time).

You can’t really properly ask them. Basically, the player either has the sense to use it (or mostly they don’t). Cuz 95% of them will be like:

  • No Chrono is too important to me, if they are Alarak. Even though this is entirely false but semi true cuz if your skill level is at the “I believe Chrono is important” then it kind of is to them self-fulfilling prophecy thing.
  • Making an extra infested factory just to follow Alarak, why would I do that? (As I was playing mass queens, so I made the factory only to get the Armory tech. Again, most people even if not using it would have 0 sense to do this.*

And for those that have the sense, the moment you have it follow them they’ve already realize what an underrated powerful move it actually is (especially for something so trivial, considering even more so if you’re not even using factory).


Any Terran commander can send a floating, chronoed barracks/factories/starport after Alarak really it’s a great idea and I’ll definitely try this!

Alternatively, Dehaka can send an Ancient of War along.

I can only imagine the panic and confusion on Amons forces as a massive floating factory slowly floats over to them, only to see it start to glow as massive energy blasts erupt from it. As they try to run, a massive lazor from somewhere over the horizon opens up, killing everyone and slowing down those still trying to run.

Likewise, I’m pretty sure Stukov can infest flying buildings as well.

Also, seeing a fast walking mutant factory on tiny legs, spouting tiny ferocious babies and firing lazors everywhere, accompanied by the living dead… All while some evil alien Protoss kills your friends and sucks up their souls for nourishment as he laughs manically… Are we the bad guys?

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Yeah, the only thing is not being able to have both worlds of OC + IS. It does work for every one that can float/uproot (like Dehaka’s Warden, Raynor, Swann, or Nova, etc. if I missed any).

And yes, we are definitely the baddies…

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Do Stetmann defenses work too? I don’t remember how fast they are…

Yeah, but tumours and nests don’t, which is a shame.


ID4, pretty much. (Though I think Mothership’s Planet Cracker was the original interpretation.)

I queued into random B+1 with double edged as Raynor P3. I was about to immediately quit it without trying when my ally suggested to use… medics. Ahahaha and it worked! I had BC army healed by 6-8 Medics. I liked it a lot!

Buildings that can walk sprinting across the map during Chrono wave :slight_smile:

The sight is probably as bizarre as Infestor MCing a BC with a cord.

On that note, I presume Science Vessel/Raven can stack healing on the BC alongside Medic? Stetmann can stack two heals with Green Zone + Infestor Cord maybe?

On those puny legs, it’s like Junji Ito’s walking Fish, except it’s Russian.

I think way back there was a discussion about SCV > Medic, I can’t remember the specifics though. Both of course works…

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i love hellbats/firebats/igniters combined with attack range increasing effects.
hilarious to see those large aoe attacks.

SCV faster, Medic cheaper, SCV+Medic faster still.

Mules! Mules are the same speed as SCVs.

Medics do have the damage reduction to them… :thinking: Iirc they count as spellcasters though, so you’d need something in the ground to take hits for them.

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Can make a supply depot cage for them and teleport BCs back to them when they get low for healing. Or send the medics to follow your allies ground army and go visit with your BCs every now and again.

Landed Vikings and/or Firebats would be the best meat shields for Medics I suppose?