Extremely slow game download


The other day I downloaded and installed SC2 through the launcher without any issues. Today I start the game and it wouldn’t launch. I tried the repair tool, didn’t work, and decided to reinstall the game. When I started to redownload the game, it has gone down to 100-800 kb/s compared to my 6-10mb/s the other day. I’ve checked everything and my connection is fine. I’ve checked the settings on the launcher and set the maximum kb/s to 0 as instructed in other posts, which didn’t help.

What do?

Hey mate, same for me, I’ve had issues with launching game and wanted to reinstall, everything is super slow. The launching issue seems to be a wider one and my guess is that a lot more people came up with idea of reinstalling the game so the servers get their pylons kicked. Need to wait.

Steam downloading at full speed and Blizzard makes up some horse**** excuse.
Blizzard is just a sad joke at this point.