Experience bug in coop

Hi all, this afternoon I’ve been playing some games and noticed that, though I get experience after game, I don’t see it in my ascension exp bar, currently shows 0/0 XP. I played with a friend and told me that he leveled up a commander so I guess this is happening to people in ascension levels, did you guys had the same issue?

Thanks in advance

This is just a server connection issue. Don’t worry too much, it’s more of a display bug - showing you “not gaining exp” but you are on server end.

You can try to relog and reconnect, sometimes it fixes it for you. Otherwise, it fixes itself usually the next time you log in again.

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I agree with Fearr. That happens to me occasionally, but every time it self resolves a short time later. Usually by the next login.

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Thanks guys, the first thing I did was to exit game and rejoin, but the bug persisted, so I’ll give it some time.