Error: Colonist Hut Help

I’ve made the colonist hut buildable by SCV’s and when I try to build it in game it says an error the error text is below

Build Location Invalid

Can anyone help me figure out how to fix this?

Maybe you should start from a copy of a normally buildable structure, then give it the appearance of the hut?
There are so many stats, and the user interface is not really comparison-friendly nor data-exporting-friendly, so it may be quite hard to share information and locate an issue in your changes.

Hmmmm well for starters I never use copies so that could be part of my problem. For seconds it’s just the regular civilian hut with no changes. For thirds I honestly need to fix 3 buildings not just the hut.

For Terran:
Civilian hut needs to be buildable but it constantly says Can’t Place Location Invalid

For Zerg:
Impaler Colony and Sunken Colony can’t be built on creep for some reason

Can someone please help me figure out how to fix these?