DukeNukem VS TheBurrito

Recently superimportant event happened which was the comparison between a King DukeNukem and a Burrito Meal. It was “best of 3 (points)” match. Burrito earned 2 points for taste and smell, DukeNukem earned one for big brian so being smart. Burrito has been crowned as a winner because of 2:1 but its kinda unfair bigos big brian is better than smell and taste so now I ask you what is better starcraft 2 forum community? Big Brian inside haed or smell and taste?

Burrito every time because Burrito > Ded Gaem ScarTraft

Okay but burritos are tasty. Technically you can eat brains but… really not good for you - thats how you get prions, and you dont want those.

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Everything can be tasty it just depends on the person’s individual taste. Just imagine a DukeNukem also known as “DukeBurger” meal for the ultralisk. It’s nutritious and they lovin it…