DRG > Serral? 15 character minimum title length blizzard thank you

Its funny how serral only loses to zergs. In tournament play this year, more than 70% of serrals losses have been other zergs…

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We may get Serral vs DRG today in the warchest team league.

I’m not gold league, nice try though. I’m apparently more of an expert on the pro league than you though if you actually think players somehow had more skill years ago than they do now. That’s not how any of this works except in your delusional little head. No high level players or pros think HotS had better skilled players. People were still exploding with excitement as if it was some sort of incredible micro miracle when a Terran player split his bio in half against banelings because that was the peak of skill in HotS. Skill level is way higher.

There is no evidence that it’s easier to get into GM now. Literally none.

Cool so when you going to Katowice to beat up Serral? In fact, when you are you showing up to dominate every single pro? Apparently it’s so easy for you, you’re just so godlike, why aren’t you lining your pockets with touny money?

Oh yeah, because you’re on a hidden profile barcode account. 9/10 this liar is a gold leaguer who is just salty they can’t play HotS and get free master league due to low pop count. Until you unhide your account and show rank no one will believe a word from your mouth you coward.

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That is a nonsense. Because hots had more players and more tournaments. More players resulted in higher skill peak. That is how bell curve works.

No offense. This shows you are very ignorant to the facts. If you compare taeja vs life in hots the quality is much better than ty vs dark. Players now are very bad. The recent innovation vs drg showed that difference big time! Inno could not beat common hots strategy. Even though it has been nerfed since hots! But players back then could beat it…

Probably even less players, hots was an absolute debacle and the lowest numbers were reached on that expansion. And about skill, right now the level is higher,everyone has gotten better over the time. HOTS gm ladder, I remember you, that was a joke, that’s why the system was changed, now If you want to be GM you must play games, not just the first win of the season, there was a ton of wasted spaces by inactive bad players in the old GM leaderboards

I have a surprise for you, Innovation played bad and is probably a better player than old innovation.The game is also changed, new economy, new units, new meta,new maps, the players are older…you can’t theorycraft and expect the ''same results ‘’ and compare them to hots.

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Lotv does not have even as much as end of hots…

He already contradicted himself, as expected from Batz.

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Yes it does, rankedft used to show data from hots, and well, around half of hots lifetime the numbers were really low, with lotv the numbers were better, specially after the F2P launch, right now we probably have more players than most of hots lifetime, right now ranked ftw shows 357k 1v1 players all over the world, on the past it was way lower if I remember well.

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LotV actually has higher player rates and viewership than both WoL and HotS

You’re seriously out of your mind. At least no one takes you seriously “GM” barcode.

The commoner did not take socrates seriously…

That’s some hubris that you think yourself to be a modern equivalent to Socrates.

Gm league vs gold league…

You’re not GM. You’re a hidden profile Barcode. You’re more likely to be Gold League than I am.

The commoner does not take socrates seriously…

Yeah I agree, you’re not taking me seriously, it’s unfortunate.

Anyone can get gm in lotv… gm floor is 5200… gm floor in hots was 5500…

Then unhide your profile coward. Until you do that you’re only claiming you’re GM on an anon account. That means absolutely nothing.

Also, anyone could be a GM in HotS. Just win games the second the season started, insta GM.

You only get gm badge by finishing in gm… nobody could get gm in hots… too many players… competition very fierce…

A good example is a player called riddle. Who was 5300 protoss in hots. But is now 6100 terran… even though terran is harder race than protoss… lotv gm is very easy to get… people who say not are speaking nonsense. They do not know the truth or do not like it…

All that means is Riddle became a better player over the course of 5 years, not that LotV is easier. Terran is not easier or harder than Protoss, it’s just different.

People who think HotS was the peak of skill are speaking nonsense. They do not know the truth or do not like it.