Double or Triple Stack Stukov

Does anyone stack up their waves from the infested compound?
The infested last 90 seconds, 120 with mastery. They spawn every 60 seconds. This means you could potentially attack with double the infested civilians/volatile infested at once, plus whatever you spawn in barracks

I tried it out during free week and found it much more effective than smaller bursts of infested. It also means you can get more out of aleksander’s damage reduction aura.

I’m curious why no ones seems to do this

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Most likely because of the fact that it’s a 30 second double wave timer (thereabouts), and with how slowly they waddle, they aren’t going to do too heck of a lot.

You can do that for the first few waves as just 8 infested civilians can’t do much … no point in stacking the 64 unit waves when they would just get in the way

If I’m on top of repositioning my iCompound I’ll do it from time to time. Normally I’m too lazy though.

I don’t really stack infested for the sake of it, but I do try to time my army with the civ infested, sometimes this means not throwing them at objective, so I can end up stacking 1 extra wave sometimes.

Personally I don’t stack Infested Civilians. I think it’s a waste that the first wave has to stand idly to wait for the next wave. I just time 3 Barracks with each wave of the Compound. I think that’s enough already.

Meh, stacking wave as Stukov is ineffective considering that not all of them can reach the front line to shoot. This is not to mention that AoE obliterate them when you stack them. This is like you are harming yourself for no reason.

First off, Double/Triple Stack Stukov needs to be the name of a burger or sandwich. They already make customs drinks from each race in a “barCraft” in DC. :heart_eyes:


As for the maneuver, it seems it would be better in some cases. However, it still feels like a “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze” type situation. You’d need to have an internal timer to set the Psi emitter every 60 to 90 seconds. I’m too busy with micro and macro to really bother. I guess I could set a continuous timer, but that’s faar too much effort for a game mode that’s supposed to be “focused, but casual”. Also, at best, I relocate my Rax and ICC once or twice for the larger maps, but that’s it.

Plus, I have a 15/15 split into infested walker duration and mech attack speed, so I could reasonably at best do double stack.

Vorazun and Fenix can help with this by recalling the infested or their eggs.

Best thing you can get is not stacking any of them.

i Used to see infested civilians block infested volatile and the volatile never get to detonate. Just jumping from target to target and still get blocked until siege tank kill it.

For Stukov, his wave should be spread out not into large groups not concentrate into a big chunk and block each other way.

I’'ve done it a few times for base assaults, mostly it doesn’t seem worth it, it just means they are more clumped up for aoe.
I remember it working reasonably well though on a scythe of amon mutation (think it was a nuke one) with a kerrigan ally where I used her nydus, and unloaded from 2-3 different nydus right next to the slivers.