Does the Widow Mine Have Free Will

Hi everyone,

Just thought I’d ask the question. Do guided munitions have free will? What are the moral implications of sending a robotic weapon system to fight and die - and what do you make of it’s worth when valued at more than 50 minerals? Is human life worth so little?

No one on the battle field has free will. The proof is you literally control them (and probably call them units too). If you ordered a marine to shoot that widow mine, he will do it. If you told a battlecruiser to fight 20 corruptors, it will do it.

Imagine if they could disobey the order and run away from the fight, that would be a shameful display.

Well, WW1- WW2 used Dogs to carry bombs that run under tanks and then explode, and then there are kamakazies. so… yeaa, life is cheap for a long time

I remember my brother has read a book about starcraft 2 terran military and told me about it. He said terrans soldiers are brainwashed to follow orders. For me life that isnt able to think on its own and experience pain is just like a bug or a fly, not so valuable. Since the widow mine isnt able to experience emotions or value its own life, that would pretty much mean that their lifes are worthless, they are just like tools.