Do you think that ranked FFA should make a return?

Why did they remove it anyway? I distinctly remember there was once an FFA option in the ladder a long time ago. FFA could be fun at times.

It’s easy to forget that months before they took it down, you could spend hours trying to find a single game. It was truly a dead mode.


Thats unfortunate. FFA can be quite fun, but I guess its not what most people want.

You can still do FFA, just has to be organized. FFA ranked though was more dead than archon mode is now.

I don’t think that anybody would add anything to the current SC2. I am not sure that there would be enough players who would play it. And I am not sure that people would not whine about balance being broken there.

P.s. I really wonder why the hell is archon still there?

likely cause they didn’t want to dedicate the resources to remove it.
that said the game mode itself is a great idea, not sure why it never took off.