Do you think that photon cannons should be able to walk?

Old hooligans like little girls, and you’re the little girl.
You like the challenge and you try to solve it. I don’t really like SM. Of course it’s nice to try it once in a while.
I prefer to do it slowly, slowly. I’m old. Can’t… Oh…Sorry,dude.

“Top tier pros” lose and win with a variety of things.

There is stuff that you can make right and make very wrong if you see what happens and it comes to decisionmaking.

Cannon rushes in general have been figured out for a while now and it is absolutely defendable.

The Dragoon is the moving cannon. They do have the same weapon at least in name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No they haven’t. Still the easiest win in the game, especially against Zerg.


It could be cool.
It could als be totally broken.

I think the way to address it is to make the setup time for moved cannons like 25 seconds or something. Almost as long as building one on the spot.

There you go

I think the easiest way to lose as zerg is with bad army splits or late roach warren against hard adept glaive commitment.

There are people who Cannon Rush every single game (and not playing a barcode) and opponents know it at the start of the game and still lose. That is how broken the strategy is. I’m talking about 6kMMR people. That is how free win Cannon Rush is.

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The funny thing is that Harstem MORE THAN ONCE loses to printf in this video you posted. LMAO. We’re talking about 600-700 mmr difference in favor of Harstem and KNOWING his opponent will Cannon as well. Hilarious.

Cannon Rush is broken and easy win. But yeah, Cammy the gold leaguer says it is figured out and only noobs die to it. You talk about splits but you are Gold league you don’t even grasp the most basic macro/micro. Wake up from the dream you live, dude.


Dumb idea. Already hard enough to hold cannon rush.

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I see you twist everything around.

He is getting tought how to deal with it by someone that played cannon rush as a hard commited BO for a long time, while Harstem never plays against it.

It was meant to be a lessons video, like seeing that he learns the mistakes of his decisions and doing better ones and what the key goals are to play against cannon rushers.

It wasn’t supposed to show that high MMR autowin against it no matter what they do…

That’s not what balancing is.
Cheeses should be possible, same like hard defences and macro play.

lol, a troll video title from Harstem isn’t proof of anything. Cannon rushing is still stupidly strong and insanely easy to pull off. Pros lose to it all the time so I’m sure people in gold have even more trouble.


It is about the video and not the thumbnail…
If you would have actually looked at it, maybe you could have picked up some key decisionmaking moments that you can improve on.

Every strat is quite tricky to deal with in a certain situation.

The point of balance is not to make plays/commitment impossible, but to encourage counterplay options.
Point of balance is not to drive everything you have problems against into unplayability so nothing works anymore and everything gets stretched out cause nothing has damage- and killpotential.

Cannons are in a fine spot right now…

And some strategies are too easy to execute and too difficult to defend, like cannon rushes. There are people that are 6k mmr from doing nothing but cannon rushes. It’s the easiest, most abusive strat in the game.

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Cannon is extremely difficult to hold even when you KNOW it is going to happen. I don’t know a single strat like that, not even the most aggressive proxy ones.

Cannon is in fact so strong that map makers need to take it into account before completing ANY playable map.


From what I can read in the post is that you still haven’t figured it out and panic quite hard if you see it happen.

I’m sorry but cannon rushes aren’t really hard to deal with.

Ok when you get out of Gold league maybe you can show us how to defend against a half-decent cannon rusher.

Master league EU here.

Nice identity arguments.
Instead of talking about the arguments, you rather shift and point to people to try to shame them.
I take that as giving up your last impression of beeing a reasonable person.

You cannot lie to me with that account of yours with losses on Gold league.

Since you seem to talk yourself into untruth no matter what one tells you, I guess I let you be in your bubble of convincing yourself no matter what other people tell you or what reality and reasoning is.

No. Cannon rushing is not a Big deal and actually requires some skill at higher level. Walling in, cancel buildings, trying not to get caught. Also, holding off a cannon Rush is harder for protoss than it is for zerg. So stop crying already.

Ling floods on the other hand…even d2 scrubs can Beat Pros with that. Not to forget that its noregrets whole existence in sc2.