Disconnect / Forced Surrender in Co-op mode

For the last week or two, in one and every 5 or so co-op matches, i get disconnected from the game, and am forced to surrender. No, it does not seem to be an internet connection issue. It happens almost every single time when my teammate is Swann. I have looked through forums, and done what a lot of other players suggested (lowering graphics, checking internet, updating graphics drivers, blah blah) and nothing seems to be working. This is the only reason I am posting here, because I do not believe that it is my system.

Note: it doesn’t seem to care who I am playing as, but I have yet to complete a game where my teammate was Swann, although it has crashed when my teammate was playing other characters, too. I appreciate any help!


So… this is still happening. Searched forums, and apparently has been happening to random people for over a year now. No solution. Would really love to play without the fear of being booted at the 7 minute mark.

Further edit: Doesn’t seem to be related to Swann… its happening to everyone. I also set all my graphics to low, and still crashed. I am still connected to the internet, still connected to BNET, and yet it kicks me from the game, and doesn’t ever re-connect.

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Same problem, but every game disconnect

…and it’s still happening in 2020. x’D…

Hi everyone!

I play Co-op missions and maps and I have a problem. Randomly in the missions I get the “Attempting to reconnect” window and I have no other option, only one: “Surrender”

Of course clicking on it interrupts the game and quit. But I leave alone my coop partner and maybe he thinks I quit intentionally and I am an *sshole but I do not and I am not. x’D
And it happens not once in a day. It’s very irritating and dissapointing. :frowning:

Is it just me or does it happen to anybody else? Do you have any idea what could be the problem?^^

…and still happening in 2022… soon 2023… yay blizzard :’(