DH atlanta is a showcases how broken protoss is

The best thing about those show matches is when FearDragon implies PiliPili has horrid micro. :rofl:

Oh yeah, they were really kind of bagging on him. Saying his career is over. And why was he even picked for this?

I’m wondering if they had a few drinks to loosen up before commentating those matches.

can you imagine if avilo made to the grand finals? He probably would have won the whole thing.

I don’t know. It’s been too long since I played. I don’t care either way. Comparisons to Broodwar are tricky because they are fundamentally different games. It’s like comparing Chess to Monopoly. Broodwar limited building selection to 1, unit selection to 12, etc. The pathfinding was different. On a very fundamental level, the most basic elements of the game were very different.

Most of the Broodwar meta was players doing 2 base strats 95% of the time, and most players don’t have the mechanical skills to ever go beyond that since macro is so incredibly difficult. I think most Broodwar players went back to Broodwar because SC2 took a sharp turn towards 5-7 base play, and because they aren’t mechanically strong players it became a chore to play. These are the 2 base immortal sentry allin types of players that I am speaking of. MC actually came back awhile back and did alright in Code S with 2 base immortal sentry. It goes to show that what strategies are viable is dependent on if a high level player spends enough time fleshing out a way to make it work. It’s not that those builds don’t work in LotV, it’s that all the 2 base allin types quit the game design was changed to favor 5-7 base plays.


I don’t agree it is anywhere near that different. The games are in the same genre, and they share many of the same units & mechanics with some very similar stats. It’s more like comparing chess to a variant of chess with some special rules, maybe additions or replacements for some of the pieces (like how the Queen was added centuries ago), or possibly a larger board.

That might be nitpicking too much.

The scale was different. The unit selection size was more of an issue for building bases and expansions than the performance of individual units, and the pathfinding limited how fast units could get around the map and how many units could reasonably be in combat at once.

Yet, I’d argue that some individual units can work in both games with very similar stats, provided that the unit or mechanic in question doesn’t have some issue with the changes in pathfinding which would either prevent the original unit from working, or that would make them far too powerful, and stipulating that sometimes units might need a stat change to account for power-creep.

What’s actually disgusting is implying that herO didn’t deserve to win… he is the first player to win GSL Code S after completing his military service… not to mention the first Protoss player to win it after 5 years.
It’s unbelievable… all 6 Global events this year (including Katowice) were won by Zerg and when a non-Zerg finally wins one, you start your whining, not to mention that the odds of a non-zerg winner were greatly improved only because Dark and Reynor did not compete.
Also : only Zerg players been winning the world championship for the last 6 years and apparently Protoss is OP.

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Hero did not deserve to win at all. If he played any other race, he wouldn’t even be in code S. That’s how easy protoss is. The whole race is like a cheat code. It’s playing the game on toddler-friendly difficulty. The reason why Protoss players haven’t won a GSL in the last 6 years is because their top players are significantly worst than top players from other races. If Reynor or even the greatest of all time Maru decided to switch full time to Protoss, he would literally win every single tournament.

If protoss is a cheat code, shouldn’t they win everything, despite being worse then? Raynor switches sometimes to protoss in tournaments, last time it was against his little brother at ESL Cup, where he won him, his brother is currently around 5,7k mmr and lost to Dark in gladiator’s Cup.

Actually, GM terran, when would you easily beat my protoss a.s.s, you like promised few month ago?

I gave you my number and got nothing from you. Just scared i guess

Reynor did tried a few times to play Protoss vs other Zerg world champions and he failed, Serral said to Reynor that if he plays Protoss against him it’s a free win and Reynor didn’t listen and he actually tried to play Protoss against Serral, he got destroyed.

How could you get nothing, if I currently found, that you accepted my request few weeks after the request and is in my friends list.

I said switch. Not just play it one time. If he made a full switch to Protoss he would win everything.

Your logic is flawed once again good try though.

If a 4.5K toss played 1000 games against maru, he’d lose maybe 2 or 3, other than that maru would lose miserably. That’s assuming he didn’t radically change up his playstyle from how he plays in GSL. The only thing holding back these players is that they’re too spoiled to get good and beat other tosses and zergs. Maru playing against a 4.5K abusive EU toss would be like a 1500 rated chess player trying to beat stockfish.

This shouldn’t surprise a single person who has watched harstem vs maru. Pushes that work in GSL get CRUSHED 99 out of a 100 games on EU ladder. So little kids get the impression that terran can attack before 12 minutes in any matchup successfully which is simply objectively false.

Even if this wasn’t the case, you are still certain to lose against toss in a macro game unless you’re a top 3 terran but also every push is destined to fail and it’s a miracle of terran harass even gets across the map due to observers and stalkers. Toss either gets out of hand and wins or stomps every form of attack and wins.

Fact : Reynor tried Protoss and failed
Fact : You will never admit that you are wrong.
Fact : You will say more B.S. and I will ignore it.
Have a nice day.

“oh no, masteryoda destroyed my argument with facts and logic, lets say its all B.S and call it a day” - classic PPP poster.