DETER Recruiting!

Any league is welcome to join we have masters of all races in our clan we have a discord just send me a message or reply here and will get you in!

We want to create a clan where practice session are fun interactive and clan wars will be a weekly event!

Hi, I’m new to sc2 and looking for a clan or a group to join

fantastic let me get you in man we are chill group of guys

give me your discord name and ill add you

I’m looking for a clan to play with… im gold in 4 vs 4 and almost gold in 3 vs 3… I’m only intrested in an active clan; other features such as competitions, tournament ecc are less relevant. I’m italian but I can talk english obviously.

id like to join nova90#1199

hit me up if you want to play some games, NightLight#1645

Do you play on EU or NA?
I’m a new player. I’m looking for a relaxed and educational environment. I’m in Silver with both Zerg and Protoss. I haven’t decided which to keep as main yet.


Hey hey,
would like to join a nice an chill sc2 group/clan. Maybe i can join?
best greetings,
iTo#2366 on EU
iTo#379 on America

Hi guys, can I join? Low Plat but would like to improve. :smile:


would like to join : Bliss#2921
Protoss masters 3

Hi, is the clan still active?